Thursday, October 01, 2009

You smile & think how much you've changed.

So here it goes. I'll do my best to tell the tale without boring you to death or stressing my fingers out. I guess I'll break it up a little for y'all...and for me! This might not be the funniest or most creative series of blogs I've ever written but they will be what happened. I don't need any flash and dazzle to hand you the facts. I'll also toss in a few of my favorite pics from each part. We have about 1,000 so you're just getting a taste. So where to start?? At the beginning!


On Friday the 18th we ran around like psychotic chickens!!! Boatloads of stuff had to go to the caterer, I had get my nails done (how fancy), we had to pack for the honeymoon, we had to pack for the hotel, I had to finish my bridesmaid gift bags, I had to keep my HEAD SCREWED ON! By the time Becky and Tim picked us up to go downtown, man...I've never seen such a little car hold so much stuff. Becky and Tim were a huge help! Love you guys! We checked in to the Wyndham (raaaad), I showered my filthy self, and the next thing I knew, we were at the church running through the most important day of my life.

Despite one bitchy wedding coordinator, it was great. Our reverend was right...saying all the words out loud made me feel less nervous. But it didn't make me feel less emotional. I DID cry at the rehearsal! It surprised no one more than it surprised me! After running through the ceremony from top to bottom and having all questions answered (when do we do this...where do we go when...blah blah blah), we headed over to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner and drinks. From what I could tell, everyone had a blast! I gave the gals their "thanks for being my bridesmaids" bags...customized sterling silver necklaces, Lip Smackers, funny perfumes, and cards. I'm a good gift giver, if I do say so myself! The guys got their gifts, too. We ate, we drank...but I was VERY quiet.

I couldn't really eat my dinner. I sent it home with Jen. I was starting to feel nerves and was getting anxious about leaving Todd. When our party started to clear out, Todd and I shared a big, lingering hug. We've only ever spent a few nights apart from one another so we were NOT happy. But we wanted this chance to be apart and long to see each other, I guess. After a LOT of hugging and kissing and "I love you" exchanging, we parted ways. I gave him the same stuffed skunk I gave my flower would take my place. I'm his skunk! He ended up at home and I ended up in the hotel pool with pals. We swam, we hot tubbed...Todd and I texted a lot. I made it back up to the room with Phoebe where we watched Project Runway, painted our toenails, and talked...until we were sleeping. I slept from 11:00 - 1:30 and 2:00 - 6:00. I was a WRECK!

Here are my top photos from rehearsal day!
Todd in Phoebe's dress
See ya later, Pops
Maid Of Dis-Honor
Pool party with one of my besties

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