Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't let the fire rush to your head!

Songs by The Alan Parsons Project make me uncomfortable and creeped out for an unexplainable reason. I can't listen to them when I'm alone. Or at night. Or when lost in the car. Or if it's raining. Or I've got my period. Or when I'm angry, sad, or on the verge of angry or sad tears.


NOTE TO SELF: No time is a good time for Alan Parsons Project.

Phoebe had a dream last night that I was a circus performer. I was a trapeze artist and did some sort of flip landing on an elephant's head in a "TA-DA" sort of way. That's exactly how it was described to me. TA-DA! What I was wearing wasn't described to me but I have to believe it was a sickening explosion of glitter and sequins topped off by a head full of feather and face full of lashes. She said I seemed right at home in the dream. I imagine I would be. Circus Performer would be a dream job. Running off to Coney Island isn't an option.

But PFG is! And there are 2 gals interested. Time to rally.

So some unexpected radness developed today and we're pumped as we usually are abotu all things rad. Jim is gathering up a bunch of the coolest couples in town to go to Niagara Falls for New Year's Eve. Anyone who knows me knows I love it there. And anyone who knows me knows the last time I went there was...odd. When I presented the opportunity to Todd, we were IN! We need to wrangle up some passports but we needed those anyway since we plan to travel the world (I just learned about this on the honeymoon but I'm SO up for it). Ringing in 2010 at The Falls with my pals...while possibly wearing a bright blue wig...sounds ideal. And rad!

The NEW Countdown That Is My Life!
1 day until They Might Be Giants!
8 days until our Autumnfest weekender!
13 days until Jen's spawn is due!
16 days until Halloween!
23 days until Todd's birthday!
36 days until "New Moon" opens!
55 days until Los Straitjackes!
71 days until the 1st X-Mas I've ever been excited about!
77 days until NYE in Niagara Falls!
115 days until my 31st birthday!
165 days until our 2 year (dating) anniversary!
179 days until Key West & Cozumel!
229 days until Heavy Rebel!

We'll be back after these words from out sponsor.

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