Sunday, October 04, 2009

I can't explain so I won't even try to.

9/19/09 CONTINUED!!!

The Morning Of...

I woke up around 6:00am and knew that there wasn't going to be anymore sleep. I tried texting Todd but he COULD sleep. Lucky devil. So I showered. A long, drawn out, "washing the nerves down the drain" kind of shower. Room service that we ordered the night before came. Becky and Tim rolled their room service over and we popped a bottle. Yep, we kept champagne iced in a garbage can. Classy! I had a Mimosa and some oatmeal and once we gathered up Carol, we hit the road.

The flowers for the centerpieces (and my hair) were supposed to be HOT pink and were light pink. Not a big deal outside of the fact that I didn't want light pink flowers in my hair. A detour to a Giant Eagle found ONE BUNCH of hot pink Gerber daisies! So we high-tailed it to the best hairstylist on the planet (she did my 'do for FREEEE) and got pampered. For a very short time, my nerves were GONE but still no word from the groom. I was worried about having a Sex and The City: The Movie moment. Finally at 9:02am the cell blows up. "HAPPY WEDDING DAY! 00000000 days!". Whew! The countdown was over and all was good! And the weather was PERFECT!!! Blue sky, warm weather, beautiful.

And our hair looked rad! Better than I could have expected. Now, the stupid Ohio State game was making traffic a nightmare. I started to panic. I felt physically ill. We rolled up to the hotel where the best Maid Of Honor in the world had everything we needed already in the lobby. Now we just had to wait for the party bus which was also a victim of the Ohio State traffic. That's when the nerves went into full affect!!! When we got on the bus it was bad but when we got to the church it was worse. Plus, I wasn't nervous about marrying Todd so it was a feeling I couldn't place. I was just being a typical bride.

We ran into the Old Stone Church and the rest of my bridal party, my mom, Todd's mom, tons of ladies were all waiting in my bride's room. That made me even MORE bananas. All eyes on me! And like THAT I had my one and only Bridezilla moment. My bouquet was supposed to have lilies...that was the one thing that set it apart from the rest...and they looked like...I don't even know what!!! HIDEOUS!!! I started ripping them out! Becky offered to use that as her bouquet (it still looked like the rest just a little more...spacious and green). My aunt calmed me a little and then my mom helped me get in my dress.

And then I waited. And waited. And waited.

And then they took my ladies away and I waited. Alone.

And then it was time.

Here are my favorite pre-ceremony pics!

After hair-n-make up

Jenny Penny in her perty curlers

Hot, hot, hot bridesmaids

The groom & best man

With my mom's wedding hanky


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