Monday, October 12, 2009

Won't you please fawn over me?


And now that THAT is out of my system...

The beginning portion of the weekend was icky. Icky for Todd, me, my bestie, and all the people I had to cancel the Friday hangout on. Yeah, the first part of the weekend someone had tossed their cookies...because someone had. But things shaped up and yesterday was a totally blissful day. I made veggie soup and Halloween cupcakes, we played board games and watched football (and How I Met Your show on TV), and we just kicked it married-life style. The only thing that was missing from my domestic awesomeness was an adorable apron!

OOH! The subject of putting a bun in the oven came up! Out of nowhere! And it wasn't brought up my me! It was a little surprising but also kind of fun to talk about. It was more or less a "when do you wanna try" kind of discussion that centered around not wanting X-Mas offspring because they get screwed out of rad birthdays. Who can compete with the birth of Jesus...or whatever...? Regardless...I know that when a little skunk or weasel comes into the picture some of my friends will disappear. That's disappointing but it's also lame. Love us, love our evil spawn, that's what I say!!!

"Zombieland" was amazing in a sense that is was gross, hilarious, and cool all wrapped into one. Seeing it with Tessa was a major perk. That girl knows me, and I like it! I also like when I order a beer and there are fresh blueberries floating in it. Neat!! But while the movie, the food/bevvies, and Tessa were all awesome...the fact that Sno-Caps have not been sold at the last 2 movie theaters I've been to is a bummer. Who do you think you are Cinemark and Regal Cinemas?? I cleaned out what Giant Eagle had in stock in order to prepare myself for our next movie adventure. So if you haven't seen "Zombieland", go see it. Twice. And bring your own Sno-Caps.

Also on the topic of zombies...

I wish I could have gone to Monroeville Mall yesterday to celebrate World Zombie Day as I dub myself a zombie a lot of the time. It's the largest gathering of zombies in the world and "Dawn Of The Dead" was shot there. My friend Alex (from Cult Of The Psychic Fetus who were performing yesterday) even took a shot of a sign at the mall stating that fact. Sigh. I wasn't the only one who missed out so I don't feel too sore about it. Next year I will make up for everything I missed this year...Heavy Rebel, Road Rash Bash, World Zombie Day. Hooray for 2010!

And with that, I say...Stinson OUT!

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