Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can't have no dirty dead.

OH. MY. GOD. I jsut got the most bananas news ever and I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT! It involves the previous news that I ALSO couldn't talk about. But it's pretty awesome. And eventually...some time before January...I can talk about it and I WILL, endlessly. So...person that is forcing me to keep a secret...THANKS! I can't wait. Really. And I think a short silver sequined dress for the occasion. A nice combo of both "pretty" and "tacky trapeze artist".


I get my copy of "Jesus County Fair" today! I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT! Being a crazy hillbilly bride and a stripping/vommiting chicken was the most fun I had all summer. YES!

Todd and I made an impromptu visit to Halloween USA yesterday to gather some last minute tidbits for my costume. During some shower shenanigans, I expressed how I sort of wish I had gone the bloody, gross, gorey route instead of trying to be so damn adorable. And POW! Right off the top of his skull, Todd found a ways to make my adorable costume be bloody, gross and gorey! WEEEEEE! I get to go BACK to the Halloween joint and buy FAKE FLIES, GUTS, MAKE-UP and BLOOD!


And since things pretty much seem to be squared away for Halloween, I think we, along with the Shoelanes, are going to end up at the WCSB Masquerade Ball (after my parents Trick-or-Treat shindig). It's a free party and the Zero Boys are playing, along with others that I know nothing about. And I don't know if adult beverages are permitted (help me out with that, Hot Trash). Couldn't gather too much info. I may have to whip out my "What Wouldn't Jesus Do?" flask. What I DO know is that my buddy Erin is one of the DJs for the evening (I'm requesting "Bacon Grease" and "Tastes Like Poison" if you're not going the "spooky only" route) and there is potential for lots of pals to be there.

Since I probably won't blog during the weekend, which starts TODAY with our usual PJs adventure, let me just say the following to all of my boils and ghouls out there...HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!!!

This day...anything goes!


erin said...

1) the only other you should know something about is mr. california, who is a nontraditional one man band with a butterful shaped guitar and a drum machine. he sings about cheeseburgers and papercuts and how barack obama mows his lawn.
2) we are serving beer (last i heard, we were ordering pbr and great lakes) and snacks (pizza?) but if you have a well-concealed wwjd, there's no way we're going to be able to find them with everyone being in costume and all...
3) tommy fox is also dj'ing, i think carol likes his reggae show. and my friend billie, who plays awesome punk/hardcore. and krauty, who i KNOW carol likes. plus more.
4) i am planning to go the spooky route, but i know you know tons of good monster tunes as well!
5) YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Camevil said...

I'm sooo looking forward to the ball. And your costume. It's a cash bar. I heard. I HOPE.

phoebe marie said...

oh, secrets.