Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm not dead and I'm not for sale.

You got a hitch in your giddyup? Let's see if I can fix it.

I've added a new link to the "I'm Stalking" section (a lot of my daily fixes have stopped updating which disturbs me...I still have Erin, thank sweet zombie Jesus). Carol High Hair has a new blog about the ups-n-downs of unemployment. I love Carol and every word that comes out of her mouth...or fingers in this case. I hope she eventually starts adding the awesome pictures that have been entertaining the Facebook masses to the blog because they are really hilarious. So add Unemployment Crafts to your reading list/blog/Google reader/watching list/whatthehellever because it will make you a better person all around. It's increased my awesomeness by 3%.

Todd and I started walking last night. Since we've sort of been out of the exercise game, we started out just cruising around the block. But it's a BIG block. We'll lengthen the distance after awhile. Who knows? Maybe we'll start walking to PJs on Thursdays. At least on the walk home we'll burn off the alcohol and french fries. I'm not a huge fan or walking and I detest people who jog or run. But I said I'd do whatever to help him drop a few lbs. and I'm on a mission to get healthier before any buns are in this oven. But next time, we're leaving Shelby at home. That dog is a MANIAC!

I'm anxiously awaiting a call from Jen to tell me she's gone into labor. Tomorrow is her due date and according to her, baby is being "bullheaded" and doesn't want to come out. Who would? Not that I would rather be spending my time in a uterus...but the world can be seriously sucko sometimes. He's got a warm, squisky waterbed to chill in all day. But he's making his mama miserable (I don't suspect that he will have any sibs) and we all want to meet him so he needs to get a move on. He's probably waiting for Halloween. Smart fella.

That's exactly what I'm waiting for!

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