Thursday, October 08, 2009

Life has new meaning to me.

I haven't blogged about anything but wedding nonsense for so long! For anyone following along, I posted the final sections, Reception & Honeymoon, but my favorite pictures will be added to them tomorrow, so check back! If you care, that is. If not, go kick rocks, suckah! that I'm all hitched (20 days and counting, y'all), I can get back to talking shit and wrecking things, which I'm sure is how you prefer me. Moving right along, footloose and fancy free!

If you want to be in a REALLY good mood and start your day off right...or if you have kids that you want to listen to quality music and NOT have "Stanky Leg" as a favorite song like some kids I know (kids too young to be listening to that trash)...then listen to "Triops Has Three Eyes" by They Might Be Giants! It made me so happy on the ride home last night that I listened to it before I went to bed and again on the ride to work. "Here Come The 1 2 3s" might not be the best out of the 4 They Might Be Giants childrens albums, but that song is so happy...without being annoying...and oddly soothing, but not sleepy. Give it a try. If it works, you can thank me. If it doesn't, I'll give you a nickle (which really helps me because I have an irrational hatred of nickles).

Todd and I are going to Autumnfest in PA soon. I'm really pumped because autumn is my favorite season and I love all that goes along with it: hoodies, pumpkins (and pumpkin related foods like pie and roll), cider, leaves, fires, Halloween...all that jazz. And all that jazz will be going down at Autumnfest. Tons of food, beer, stuff to see and do, musicians, Circus performers, pure awesomeness. And we've been to this spot in PA before. Some of my favorite pics of us are from this spot. Todd's super psyched. I love when we're both into doing something. Makes it more rad. Plus I've been dying to go on a lengthy car ride...especially since my new I-pod is STOCKED! 3 hours rockin' out in the car with my husband. F-U-N!!!

Speaking of fun, I think the weekend will be pretty solid. It's Thursday so of course we'll be where we always are. I love Thursdays. I love knowing we'll at least get out of the house 1 day a week. Not that I don't love our house. It's rad. Moving on. Friday I get to catch up on all the shows I taped this week and then we're having some pals over to just chiiiiiill and get CHILLY! Our margarita machine makes thee most intense and amazing frozen drinks! Saturday we get to be lazy which is nice. Then we'll truck on out to Jen's Halloween party...unless the baby comes first! I'm ready for that baby!!! Then's typically a lazy day. Football if it's on. We finally got a rad grill so maybe we'll do a little grilling. Just take it easy before the work week punches us in the eyesockets. I'm psyched about this weekend. I'm psyched about a lot of things.

Like my next project: turning the basement back into a chill spot!

I feel like I've been talking forever. Oh well. You know what? I'm worried about some of my friends. Several of them seem to be going through tough times right now. And varying levels and degress of "tough". And I can't help any of them. I hate that. I hope things get straightened our with their relationships, employment, whatever it is. I hate to see my pals not acting like themselves and not being treated the way they deserve to be. And now I'm done being it wrong that 2 things that have recently happened to the person I hate most in the world really made me chuckle?? Believe me, if you knew this sorry excuse for a human being (and some of you readers do!), you'd chuckle to! Won't you join me??


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