Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wake up to your face against the mornign sun.

9/19/09 CONTINUED!


Not too much to say about this part of the day. The party bus dropped us off at the location of our wedding shower. Such a RAD place, and also a photo studio. My parents had been there earlier and stocked the joint with sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, soda, milk, etc. It was so nice of them because we were all hungry and one person was eating for two! We took some time to kick off our shoes, talk, relax, pop a few bottles, crack open some beers. I finally got a chance to just fall into Todd's arms and "have a moment". It felt so good to hear him call me "wife" and get our smooch on.

Once break time was over, husband, wife, best man and MOH went on the roof and acted a fool for the camera. Then we came back down and girls went one way, boys the other. Then we all got together. The pictures really are amazing. They're tottally photo journalistic...caught us doing things we'd normally do and making faces we'd normally make. I love them. He loves them. Everyone who has seen them loves them. After shots were shot, we spent more time goofing off and chilling.

Then back on the bus and off to the parrrrrrtay!

Here are my favorite pics from the "photoshoot"!

Bride & Groom on the roof

Bride & Groom...still on the roof

Thumb we got our 1st date


How we roll

Sneak attack!

Best friends

Carol High Hair & Weasel

Smooch after Mohawk grooming



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