Thursday, October 22, 2009

And if you bore me, you'll lose your soul to me.

The smutty list needed to start "The Alphabastards" is done. That quickly. One day. And some of the smuttiest, filthiest words came from the cutest, sweetest people. Makes you wonder what's going on in the brains of some of my pals! They can be some pretty sick tickets...and that's what I love them. So...IT BEGINS!

I love, love, love the fact that after having all kinds of dreams about the circus, Phoebe WENT to the circus last night! And she even sent me a video of the trapeze artist that said, "Was that you??". I didn't get it until this morning but it set the pace for a good day. Which is exactly what I plan on having.

I'm going to (photo)document the entire weekend from the moment I walk in the door tonight. It will make for a fun blog next week. We would've been going bananas with the camera if we were heading to Autumnfest as planned. Our newly formed weekend plans are going to be just as rad so why not go bananas with the camera anyway!? And our Powerhouse Saturdat got revamped. We were supposed to go to Rock Bottom and Howl At The Moon but Sharon is a sicko so we're no longer a foursome. I think us 3 Muskateers might head to Dave-n-Buster's instead. of my happy places! Anyway...tonight starts it all off with our usual Thursday and a special appearance by Carol High Hair?!?!?! Rad.

And while we're talking rad...

Tessa Marie Faith,

I implore you to PLEASE get excited about Halloween. This is YOUR holiday! You're the QUEEN! You've dressed up every year since birth. We even went Trick-Or-Treating together. It broke my heart to hear you say you were just going to wear a dress and Mardi Gras-esque mask. Now it's DEMOLISHING my already tainted heart to hear you say you're ready to throw in the towel and wear JEANS?!?! You've ALWAYS dressed up and it's always been something va-voom!! I know this year isn't going to be exactly like other years and you won't be hopping from bar-to-bar for costume contests but will be upset with yourself if you don't dress up somehow! You were always the fearless person who would be dressed up even if no one else would be. Don't let this be the one Halloween that goes down the tubes! Watch "The Worst Witch" and get creepy already! I say this out of love.

Lacey Marie Angela

So I guess that's all for now. See you Monday...with pictures!

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Tessa Marie Faith said...

How does a gal say no to a plea like that. I will work my wills this weekend to get excited. I will go out and get a dress. It will be Va-Voom. I promise...Worst Witch is in the VCR and Tim Curry is already re-vamping my soul. Excitement and Voom here we go. Plus when you bust out the Faith.. I have to listen.