Monday, May 30, 2011

So hot! Love I couldn't quite resist.

Did we skip over Spring? Hot dog!

Today has been one of those days-off that I love. Soul satisfying, or somthing crunchy like that. It wasn't jam-packed with wasted hours. It was a full day that included buying a rad patio set, opening our swimming pool, prepping our outdoor space for summer fun, grilling an amazing feast (I finally successfully tackled ribs!!!), and warpping it all up with ice-cream sundaes!

Does it sound lame? Get off your high horse because it was fantastic. We made good use of every hour of this Memorial Day, even if I had to take frequent breaks and put an ice pack on my forehead for awhile. The whole weekend recharged my batteries in fact, even if we were running-on-go from Saturday on. I feel accomplished and far less worried that our Castle Grayskull projects won't be finished by the time Spencer makes his debut. I feel good.

But I also feel horrifically guilty, which may seem like a contrasting emotion. My dad had an accident while selflessly helping make improvements on the Ol' Kentucky Corral to help it sell. 24 stitches, tendon surgery, and a sad daughter later, all I can think is that if we had been doing the chore (I'll be 7 months preggo on Thursday and Todd was at work), this never would've happened. It hurts my heart-n-brain. Hopefully he'll repair quickly and hopefully he knows how much we appreciate all his help and sacrifice. Still, I feel sick when I think about it *frown*

But overall, everything is gravy. Delicious gravy.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly.

Good morning...temporarily...from the bed!

This little blog just got its 30th official follower. As soon as I her 50 followers, I'm going to do something dramatic to celebrate. Like build a rocket to the moon or a loyal robot companion. Both seem a little technical with high levels of difficulty, but it is good to have goals. Welcome 30th follower.

I think I'm going to stop using contractions like Peggy Hill.

I haven't dedicated enough time to it to know for sure, but I'm worried about Lady Gaga's new album. I've been told it'll grow on me and I hope it's true. Something about it is so 80s/90s dance and not nearly as powerful as The Fame (Monster)...besides "Judas". Oh, and it's time to drop the religious themes. But I'm not giving up hope yet. Especially after she won back top spot in my heart doing the Liquorville sketch on SNL. A-MAZ-ING.

I already forgot about the contractions. Fail.

I really want to hear the Crass version of "Do They Owe Us a Living?" right now. Haven't thought about that song in years. Probably won't do anything about it.

Why was clapping erasers in grade school so coveted?

Why did Progresso change their Minnestrone soup receipe like 15 years ago, knocking my world out of balance?

Why am I awake this early on a Saturday?

Good night, jerkfaces. xoxoxo

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't show up so on time. And don't act like you're so kind.

Greg Oblivian wears Cosby sweaters. Take note.

If you need some jams to get your morning jump-started, might I recommend "Don't Ask Me" and "So Damn Hot", both by OKGO? I'm already partially revved because my 4-day weekend starts at 3:15p today but those songs slapped a smile on my mug.

Actually, a lot of songs made me smile in a nostalgic way during my morning commute. I've been doing that 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook (ah, social networking, how I love thee) and it's made me evaluate every jam on my Ipod more critically. Today, day 7, had me picking a song that reminds me of a certain event. A majority of the tunes I lurve have some story associated with them!

"Shoehorn With Teeth" reminds me of seeing TMBG in Columbus and one lucky crowd adorably jazzed 13 year old boy...getting to play the glockenspiel and then KEEP the autographed glockenspiel. "Natural One" reminds me of driving around in my high school bestie's car (R.I.P. Rusty) listening to the KIDS soundtrack during the summer. "Hightime" reminds me of being dressed like a dead skunk on the best Halloween I've ever had. "Ballroom Blitz" reminds me of singing karaoke at a dive bar on my nephew's 21st birthday. "Bacon Grease" STILL makes me ponder EVERY TIME I hear it if it's a good or bad thing that he wants to "cook that woman up in bacon grease". The stories never end.

Anyway, that's been my morning. Memories and music. It's kicking off what will no doubt be a longer than average (despite it's 24 hour length) day since I'll be counting down to Spencer's 28 week doctor's appointment and the start of my weekend. My back hurts, I didn't sleep well, and my radar is up that something fishy is going on...which makes me think of "(I Know) There's Something Going On" by Frieda (former member of ABBA), the first song I heard this morning.

Why do Australians love ABBA? What is the connection there?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Teenage love song, ain't such a thing.

At this time in 2005, I abandoned my blog at (still hilarious and available for posterity's sake) and made my home here at The Cleveland "A". 6 long and jam-packed years I've been blathering and droning on and on about whoever and whatever I want...though I was a little more verbal and nasty back in the day. A lot has chanced in what is really such a short amount of time (unless, as I've said, you were in jail...6 years in jail would be a long time).

This time in 2005 also saw the birth of Mamacita's brain child, The Pussyfoot Girls, another main staple in the diet of my life.  I miss knowing that every week, I'd see my favorite gals walking through the doors of the Ol' Kentucky Corral (might as well mark 2005 down as when I bought that joint, though it was summer when I moved in). I miss listening to music and being ridiculous. It's not even the shows that I's the practices. Some of the best and most absurd times of my entire life.

And wow, Spring 2005 saw a lot of action in my little life because it's ALSO when my divorce was all said-n-done. It doesn't even really seem like that marriage actually happened. Eh, it was really just "playing house" when it comes down to it. Is it weird that I can barely remember what something should be significant was actually like? Eh, it is what it is.

But enough about my blog's 6th birthday...

I'm starting my week off with a cupcake. I predict good things.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I want to make up for lost time tonight and I just can't wait.

Man, have I been a bad blogger. But maybe you should thank me for not boring you to tears and/or death since my week has basically consisted of sleeping (poorly, might I add) my life away with a super sore back. Yesterday I forced myself to build the changing table, clean the kitchen and do some laundry. My back and I sure are paying for it this morning. But that's life. Or the life of a 6 1/2 month pregnancy person, I suppose.

It's going to be 75 and partly cloudy which is as close to Heaven as I'm going to get to today. Doesn't seem like the Rapture happened, as predicted by nutbags. I love that Castle Grayskull is filled with widows and sliding doors because I'll need some sunshine and fresh air (let's throw some bad TV in there, too) while I keep trucking on with my nesting. What room of my house will be destroyed and repaired today?

Speaking of home destruction, let me just say HOORAY FOR INSURANCE! Our home owners insurance company (how adult does that sounds?) actually sent an adjuster out and we were cut a check on the spot for all the basement-flooding nonsense. I wasn't expecting any money so I'm more than happy with what we got. There will be some new drywall and paint, a new bathroom floor, new doors if we so choose, and a plumber to check out some shtuff. It's going to be some work, I've been told, but hopefully it's done before Spencer shows up. I can't happily enjoy my son living in a shit shack.

Sorry I couldn't dazzle you with more wit. I want to enjoy the early-morning weather.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hardly recognize simple things anymore.

I am not going to be satisfied or feel accomplished  this morning until every shred of this horrific, chipped, cheap-ass, fuscia nail polish has been scratched off. I'm working with much fervor and determination. The same amount of determination that will go into the letter I'm writing the cosmetic company that manufactures said nail polish to tell them their product is rank and I want cash back in my pocko!

I may have gotten up on the wrong side of my coffin this morning.

I'm going to mark the weekend a success. Consider it marked. I don't really need to give you the play by play. Just know that everything I said I was going to do (show my face at Peabody's which was F-U-N and the fetus' first Fetus show, hit a wedding with Todd which made me feel very close to him...he was an attentive husband), I did and I did with as much gusto as I could muster. For the record, I don't particularly like the word "gusto" or "muster". In addition to planned plans, I had lunch with John Jackson yesterday which involved lots of face-stuffing (by me) and chattering.

One thing we chattered about was having a dream (not MLK style). Like knowing EXACTLY what you want to do...particularly career-wise...and doing it. Neither of us really feel like we have a career, so to speak. And there was never really a time in my life where I was like, "THIS is what I want to do when I grow up" or "THIS is what I'm going to go to college for" or "THIS is what I'm passionate about". The only thing that came close was that in my very young youth, I wanted to be a teacher. I spent many, many, many years of my childhood playing school. I would've been a good teacher. Ask any one of my stuffed animals.

I blame you, Project Runway. This self-analysis is YOUR fault.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I'm pretty sure there will never be that thing that clocks me in the head like a brick. But I do know job affords me my lifestyle. Not that it's anything flashy. I just mean that I'm not living dollar to dollar. I can take my family on vacation, I can go out to dinner, I can buy new clothes, I can make sure the cupboards are stocked, I can throw my step-son a birthday blow out. And I can do all theses things thanks to my j-o-b.

When it comes right down to it, it's like, "Do I want to have my dream JOB that I love going to every day and makes me outrageously happy and fulfilled?" or "Do I want to have an extremely awesome and adventurous life with my family that makes me outrageously happy and fulfilled?". It would be nice to have both but it doesn't happy for many people, does it? So I'll take the second. I'd rather have the life I've dreamed of that the job I've dreamed of...because I've never had a dream job so I'm not really missing out. And I LIKE my job. So I've got it pretty good.

Not saying if I could be a circus performer I wouldn't ditch it all in a second!!!

So there's a hearty dose of introspection to start your week off right. Muah!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I've learned love is like a can build a house or sink a dead body.

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th!! Why has today been awesome??

-I woke up early even though I slept like junk...after our basement flooded from what my parents say was the worst rain they've ever seen in Brunswick.There wasn't much I could do since I can't lift or bend but the dudes handled it (APPRECIATED). And I still woke up sun-shiny early to get my day on.

-For the first time in my life, EVERY dress I tried on for the wedding tomorrow not only FIT but looked GREAT. I walked out with 4 non-maternity dresses, that can be worn post-Spencer! And walking out of the dress department, there they were! The perfect shoes...and they match all 4 dresses! Need more icing on the cake? I found great jewelry, too. This NEVER happens to me. Shopping usually makes me cry. Being pregnant has made me totally lurve my body right now, I guess. My mom said Spencer is good luck. HELL YEAH! But I had a front runner right off the bat.

-Spent some time at PJ's Day Spay getting my hair done did! Yep, you read that right. I actually got more than one haircut in a year. It's fresh and clean, the color is touched-up, brighter-n-fresher, and it's one more thing to help me feel wedding-ready! Ignore the fact that I'm sans make-up. It was early.

-I got home and did a little text fashion show for my manimal once I narrowed it down to 2 dresses: the black, strapless, Hawaiian and the blue, spaghetti strapped, garden party. STILL pumped with my purchases! Whichever one I don't wear tomorrow, I'll wear to the wedding we have next month. Lurve is the air. And Todd loved me in the dresses, saying something like "YUM!". Boy sure does love a summer dress and thought it would be cute if I showcases the bump a bit. Just call me pregnant in heels...or wedges. I don't want to be like "I look HAWT" but it's nice to feel good about your appearance when you're growing a monster inside of you!

Black Hawaiian

Blue Garden Party

-I made some delicious pasta for lunch with the windows wide open, enjoying the bad-ass weather. Red pepper flakes, garlic, broccoli, peas, tomatoes, and Bocconcini. It was yum, yum, yum. A good lunch and some bad TV, followed by painting my fingernails and toes (by the way, that's no longer an's Todd's job now) just kept me on that good mood wave. It's the little things that matter.

-Horror of 59 is playing a free show with Cult of the Psychic Fetus tonight! I'm going to get to spend some time with my awesome pals, and my twin, COTPF's own Alex Murder! Pre-show, John Jackson (yeah, he's totally my partner-in-crime now) are going to stuff out faces solid with some Italian goodness. And as an awesome treat, my husband will be meeting us at the show, a pleasant surprise. I think the good day will end with a good night.

So yeah...VIVA FRIDAY THE 13th!! Hope it's as good for you!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Go up in the air, come down in slow motion.

I had a dream last night that Todd and I took Spencer (in actual " freshly outside of the womb" form) to a Lady Gaga concert. I was trying to find a bathroom before the show and I saw a mob following Gaga herself. I "OWWWWW"-ed as I've been known to do at shows in the past and all grew quiet as Gaga approached me. It must've been her mating call. She kissed me on lips, not sexy-like or anything, but she was definitely sending me odd vibes, and I tried to take a self-picture. When I got back to where Todd, Spencer, and his god-mother were, the picture had some how erased. I was livid and I woke up confused.

Maybe I need to dial back the amount of Gaga in my life. Worth pondering.

News flash: my back is sore, I'm beat-n-fidgety, and I anticipate a long day ahead.

Second news flash: we had a night on the town this weekend with friends we haven't seen in awhile. It involved a cheese plate, so you know it was both posh and a smashing success. I lurve my friends and I forget exactly how MUCH I lurve them until I see them after time has passed. I felt exactly the same about Phoebe when she and I saw Gaga recently (there she is again, invading my life and thoughts).

I'm hoping to see lots of pals at the Horror of 59/Cult of the Psychic Fetus show on Friday, keep the good feelings going, you know? When the PFG was still struttin', I knew I was going to see my girls once a week and the usual suspects at LEAST once a month if not more. Now everyone is getting engaged, getting hitched, getting knocked up, co-habitating, moving, working on new projects...and such is life. And I know I'm plenty to blame as I've been M.I.A. Doesn't make me miss my dudes any less. Miss ya, dudes.

I have the Letter People theme song in my head out of nowhere. Odd.

We're going to a wedding in Nowheresville this weekend and I'm actually looking forward to it. Sure, I won't know many people there and can't relax with a cocktail, but it's a reason to buy a new outfit and shoes and spend some time all dolled up with my fella. We're going to 3 weddings this year and already have one lined up for next year. Love is in the air. It's the fever, people.

"Pants On Fire" was my derby pic. SUCKO. It's GLUE for YOU, pony!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cuanta le gusta, le gusta, le gusta, le gusta, le gusta, le gusta, le gusta!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, todo el mundo! El año pasado, fui a la PJ McIntyre con Todd y disfrutó de margaritas, Dos Equis, y el tiro de tequila. Este año? Probablemente va a ser muy diferente, ya que no puedo tener una bebida alcohólica para otros 105 días. De todos modos, siempre me ha gustado el Cinco de Mayo y no estoy seguro de por qué ya que soy la más blanca niña blanca en la cara del planeta.

No necesito un cóctel de México para disfrutar de esta fiesta que me ha gustado tanto a lo largo de los años. Tal vez una canción, un Sance poco, un poco de salsa los pantalones! De cualquier forma, necesito algo para volver a organizar mi actitud que ha sido una especie de roca de esta semana debido a la estupidez que viene a mí desde todas las direcciones

Mi pasatiempo favorito en el mundo ahora es sólo sentimiento Spencer hacer lo que está haciendo en mi útero. Así mayeb voy a pasar mi Cinco de Mayo jugando él, para los atascos de festivos o películas de Carmen Miranda. O tal vez sólo tendremos que ver "Machete " y lo llaman de una noche sobre unos tacos. Las oportunidades son interminables y el mundo es mi ostra! ¿Comen ostras en México?

Me pregunto cómo extraño esto todos los sonidos cuando alguien trata de traducir del Español al Inglés! JA! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Monday, May 02, 2011

I hear you say the truth must take a beating.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get our rant on, shall we?

1. I am too old for public drunks. Don't get me wrong, I like partaking in shenanigans from time to time, but I'm over being a drunken disaster. At this point in my life, if I was the woman a few rows in front of us at Lady Gaga who was passed out in her $88 seat BEFORE  Gaga even went on, I wouldn't consider it my greatest achievement. Apply that to the woman next to us who smelled like last night's party, and the 4 sorority girls behind us who spilled wine on the poor gay next to me, lost a cell phone, clocked me in my melon, and spoke at volumes that rival me when I'm on my celly. Get a grip, people. There has to be more substance to you than the size of your throbbing liver, though I doubt it.

2. And speaking of Gaga, who I love and adore...there is no excuse for going on stage 90 minutes late when it's a week night, I don't care who you are or where you're from. And if you go on 90 minutes late, at least acknowledge it. Take responsibility for your actions. And wipe that sourpuss off your face. You deserved the boos you got.

3. When is Mariah Carey going to announce the names of her twins?? I am obsessed with names, especially with middles names, and I neeeeed to know! What's the point on holding out? SPILL IT, CAREY!

4. I watched the royal wedding and while Morrissey may have had a problem with it, I enjoyed it. It was like watching Cinderella or something. Almost doesn't seem like real life. Not quite sure why so many people had to bash it. Jealousy? Boredom? I don't know. I don't care. I enjoyed the flash and glitter.

5. I despise the animation in Adult Swim's new cartoon, Super Jail. I will not be watching it, no matter how hilarious it might be.

6. I painted Spencer's nursery yesterday while listening to AFI. I even edged, which I never do. When it was finished, I felt very accomplished. I'm so glad that I'm in a position right now to give him such a rad room (and his OWN room at that). Todd is paying for the crib tonight and then we're on the hunt for vintage Sci-Fi posters and toy robots!

7. OK, so Osama Bin-Laden is dead. How long will militants vs. pacifists be spewing over the subject on Facebook? I want both sides to stop shoving stuff in my eyeballs. Can't we get back to what's REALLY important in this country?? Will Ferrell might shave off Conan O'Brien's BEARD tonight! Now that's what matters to me!

8. Male exotic dancers are creepy.

9. Lots of good shows are coming up (Big Sandy, Reverend Horton Heat, S.C.O.T.S.). I can guarantee that you'll find me at the Horror of 59/Cult of the Psychic Fetus show next Friday and the New Bomb Turks show in June. Oddly enough, both shows coinside with wedding weekends. This means boatloads of fun and new shoes for mama! Pregnant in heels, baby! Or maybe wedges would be safer since clumsiness is my calling card. Regardless, I'm looking forward to getting dolled up and hitting the town.

10. Help me, Obi-Wan. You're my only hope.