Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't show up so on time. And don't act like you're so kind.

Greg Oblivian wears Cosby sweaters. Take note.

If you need some jams to get your morning jump-started, might I recommend "Don't Ask Me" and "So Damn Hot", both by OKGO? I'm already partially revved because my 4-day weekend starts at 3:15p today but those songs slapped a smile on my mug.

Actually, a lot of songs made me smile in a nostalgic way during my morning commute. I've been doing that 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook (ah, social networking, how I love thee) and it's made me evaluate every jam on my Ipod more critically. Today, day 7, had me picking a song that reminds me of a certain event. A majority of the tunes I lurve have some story associated with them!

"Shoehorn With Teeth" reminds me of seeing TMBG in Columbus and one lucky crowd adorably jazzed 13 year old boy...getting to play the glockenspiel and then KEEP the autographed glockenspiel. "Natural One" reminds me of driving around in my high school bestie's car (R.I.P. Rusty) listening to the KIDS soundtrack during the summer. "Hightime" reminds me of being dressed like a dead skunk on the best Halloween I've ever had. "Ballroom Blitz" reminds me of singing karaoke at a dive bar on my nephew's 21st birthday. "Bacon Grease" STILL makes me ponder EVERY TIME I hear it if it's a good or bad thing that he wants to "cook that woman up in bacon grease". The stories never end.

Anyway, that's been my morning. Memories and music. It's kicking off what will no doubt be a longer than average (despite it's 24 hour length) day since I'll be counting down to Spencer's 28 week doctor's appointment and the start of my weekend. My back hurts, I didn't sleep well, and my radar is up that something fishy is going on...which makes me think of "(I Know) There's Something Going On" by Frieda (former member of ABBA), the first song I heard this morning.

Why do Australians love ABBA? What is the connection there?

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