Monday, May 30, 2011

So hot! Love I couldn't quite resist.

Did we skip over Spring? Hot dog!

Today has been one of those days-off that I love. Soul satisfying, or somthing crunchy like that. It wasn't jam-packed with wasted hours. It was a full day that included buying a rad patio set, opening our swimming pool, prepping our outdoor space for summer fun, grilling an amazing feast (I finally successfully tackled ribs!!!), and warpping it all up with ice-cream sundaes!

Does it sound lame? Get off your high horse because it was fantastic. We made good use of every hour of this Memorial Day, even if I had to take frequent breaks and put an ice pack on my forehead for awhile. The whole weekend recharged my batteries in fact, even if we were running-on-go from Saturday on. I feel accomplished and far less worried that our Castle Grayskull projects won't be finished by the time Spencer makes his debut. I feel good.

But I also feel horrifically guilty, which may seem like a contrasting emotion. My dad had an accident while selflessly helping make improvements on the Ol' Kentucky Corral to help it sell. 24 stitches, tendon surgery, and a sad daughter later, all I can think is that if we had been doing the chore (I'll be 7 months preggo on Thursday and Todd was at work), this never would've happened. It hurts my heart-n-brain. Hopefully he'll repair quickly and hopefully he knows how much we appreciate all his help and sacrifice. Still, I feel sick when I think about it *frown*

But overall, everything is gravy. Delicious gravy.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Anonymous said...

You think you skipped spring? Well we've been stuck in spring for the past 3 months, maybe we got yours and ours.

phoebe marie said...

oh NO!

you give papa petrovich a big hug for me.