Saturday, June 04, 2011

Like a road, you're somewhere to go.

There is a piece of chocolate coconut cream cheesecake waiting for me in the fridge. But do I really want to start my day with another sugar high? In approximately 75, I'm going to give birth to a tornado. Or a marshmallow.

Yesterday was unexpectedly full and gave me a little bit of a jump start. Recently, I've been feeling a little...well, a little everything, emotionally and physically. Lost, bored, overwhelmed, uncomfortable. But yesterday sort of worked out the kinks a bit.

After my hubby hooked me up with an Iphone (reason #254 that he's pretty cool - he accepts my technology obsessions), I had a 1 hour glucose test at the hospital which was fascinating (but more about that at the baby blog). Once I shook the sugar, I spent the cheddar...had to score a more comfy bikini so I can take advantage of having a pool, bump and all.

John Jackson and I had a late lunch/early dinner/shit talking session and then I unexpectedly ending up at my niece's baseball game...and left there with a breast pump (say WHAAAT?). I'm not trying to give you the play by play of the day, honestly, but it was the baby, friends, family, weather, accomplishment of tasks, etc. that leveled me out.

Don't get me wrong, I like a lazy day more that most people. But the further along in my preggoness I get, the more useless I feel I'll become. I need to fill my days with productive hours while I can. Then when I can't, you'll find me floating the pool.

Life es bueno!
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Estelle said...

I wish I could float in a pool, but not able to float, no pool and it's freezing here.