Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been with you such a long time. You're my sunshine.

A 3-day work week followed by a 3-day work week. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Why did I choose to wear shoes that are furry-lined on the day when it's going to be a gazillion degrees? It's not even 7:00am and my poor dogs are roasting. Do people still refer to their feet as "dogs"? That needs to make a come back.

As I've been blathering about for some time now, Becky came to visit this weekend and magically filled all the empty spots in my soul as only she can do. She looks happier, healthier, and just all-around more Becky-ish than ever. Her positivity rubs off on me and she loves me for my bitter snarkiness. We're definitely an Odd Couple but it works, and has worked for over 10 years now.

She arrived early and we shot the breeze. It happens like this every time we get together. We greet each other and get down to gossip. She wants to know what's going on with everyone...my friends, my family, my fetus. Post-gab session, we went to Chocolate Bar and stuffed ourselves silly. She had a Swedish Fish martini (I urged her to have a cocktail despite it being 11:30am)...I had not one but TWO desserts because there is no better time than now to get piggy. I felt like one of those Ladies Who Lunch, but cooler and in better company.

When Todd came home from work, we took the kids to the Brunswick Home Days which was just as trashy as any other city carnival, but still a good time. I love anything that glows and who doesn't love a carnie?? If only we could've seen Mr. Speed, the KISS cover band. The adults talked while the kids rode rickety rides run by toothless weirdies. No one won any miniature basketballs or saw-dust filled toys, but Todd did enjoy an Elephant Ear or Funnel Cake. Something covered in powered deliciousness.

Post-carnival, we headed to Winking Lizard for some munchies and then back to Castle Grayskull for some chill time...which would've been pool time if Ohio wasn't so bizarre. With water under 50 degrees and a heater on the fritz, we had to stay on dry land. And eventually, this preggo-mama had to put herself to bed in preparation for Spencer's baby shower in the morning. You can read about that awesome event and see some snapshots HERE!!! Or you can just forget about it. Your call.

After the shower, Becky hit the road but luckily, I was too busy, buried in a pile of all things baby, to be too sad right away. But once she texted a safe (and speedy) arrival home, I was missing her. Why can't she live a mile down the road like she used to? Everyone grows up and moves on, I suppose. I probably appreciate her more now that seeing her is a special event. Hopefully I'll see her one more time before I'm officially someones parent...but another visit in 51 days seems unlikely. Le sigh...

So there you have it. The portion of my weekend that WASN'T babyfied.

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