Sunday, June 12, 2011

We'll kill the fatted calf tonight so stick around.

Marcus Samuelson sort of freaks me out. Sorry Ethiopia.

Also, I don't care what you do to goat. I'm not eating it.

A full weekend is coming to a close and I'm blogging from bed because this body needs a rest. The fan is going, my legs are propped on a pillow, and Top Chef is on. Simple. Perfection. And the weekend was the same, despite some unexplained anxiety here and there. It's probably not "unexplained", what with all these home renovation projects going on at once and an active boy growing in my guts. I don't want to bring a baby into chaos. I, myself, don't want to be surrounded by chaos. But that's not really the point since the quick sinking feelings in no way outweighed the good times that were had.

I've said before, and with great enthusiasm, that I'm pretty good when it comes to birthdays and my stepson is turning 10 this week. There's a pretty mind-blowingly cool pool party and sleepover planned for next month (June is jam packed and July will give us a toasty, swimming-worthy day) but we still needed a mini-celebration. I think I did a damn fine job right down to the wrapping paper. It takes weeks to plan, an eternity to wrap, and mere seconds for the paper to fly and it all to be over. But it was well worth it. He was one happy (almost) 10 year old. And the fun just continued as we rocked the chopsticks and he was treated like a king. I think his Magic 8-Ball was right when he asked it if today would be a rad birthday...just wait for your party, kid!!! I may not do everything right, but I know how to throw a party!

We had another celebration this weekend as we hit our 2nd wedding of the season. We got snazzed up and hit both the ceremony and reception...which was in question since my back and tailbone write my agendas these days. Weddings always make you think about your marriage. We know each other better than anyone else can, even when we watch to karate chop each others heads in half. It's cool to have that. It's cool to have some one make sure you have something to drink and are comfortable. It's cool to have someone to ask you to dance. And it's super cool to have someone laugh and tell you they love you because you say you have to poop. Weddings can be good reminders of the good thing you got if you're lucky enough to have it. Maybe I'll karate chop my husband just a little less this week...and I'll be sure to put the same effort into Father's Day as I do to birthdays.

So another work week begins in the morning, leading up to probably one of the busiest weekends of the summer...oh sweet anxiety! There's a studio opening and a karaoke bash (don't expect to hear me singing without liquid courage), more home improvements packed into a short spam of time and another awesome birthday celebration, and then Father's Day. Besides honoring the father of my monster, I've got to do right by my own pops. He's done far too much for us this year, even with a wrecked paw and a full plate. Looking at my dance card, I wonder if I'll be able to find time to sleep and breathe!!!

I guess it's better than being bored.

Am I right???

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