Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taste of a poison paradise.

I hate Brittney Spears but God bless her...she's fuels my need for celeb gossip!

It's Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! My favorite holiday (besides my intense celebration of me). I don't have a rockin' costume this year and I missed the 2 Halloween shin-digs I was invited to. But that's alright. I have my trusty Snoopy as a vampire shirt and some adorable bunny ears. They'll have to do. I'll be the lazy, retired Playboy bunny. Lazy, retired and ill.

I called in sick to work for the first time all year because my lungs are S-H-O-T. Sleeping, coughing, wheezing, sleeping, cheese soup, The Office season 3, America's Next Top Modle cycle 4 and sleeping filled my day. It was a waste of a day off. It wasn't a senior cut day or anything.

The only plus to being a sick-o is that sometimes...your boyfriend packs you a grade school style lunch for work. Bologna sandwich, Pringles, a Jell-o cup and Sprite. All capitals. All cute. I'm enjoying the sandwich right now in the privacy of my office. I need to increase my energy since Bill and I are going to my mommy's annual Halloween event. I refuse to be in bed, wra;pped in blankets on Halloween. Not this year. No sir.

For anyone interested, Bill and I had a great birthday weekend. My planning was an utter success and it couldn't have gone any better. There are pictures and I will bore you with them soon. And you'll LOVE IT!

Busy as ever. My bioethics class started last Monday. Aced my first quiz. Yesterday I was too sick to attend my honor society meeting but I am going to set something personal up with the dean. I registered for spring semester...Patient Care Skills, Applied Algebra and Math Reasoning, Physical Concepts of Diagnostic Medical Imaging, and Intro to Sonography. Let's see if I survive. If I do, I'm buying myself an outfit from Trashy!

Is there life outside or school and work?? Megbo and I are planning a Niagara Falls trip! A girl's over-nighter if you will. I need the cool rush of Candian air in my face! And I need to drink a lot with my favorite girlfriends. And of course, I have 2 PFG shows this month (the 9th in Youngstown and the 30th in Akron). Plus there's all the "Jump In the Sac w/ The Pussyfoot Girls" planning...I can't BELIEVE we're performing with The Heptanes!!! Weeeeeeee.

Enough blather. Enjoy your 'ween.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little dead are out in droves.

I couldn't possibly be stretched any thinner. It's impossible. I feel like those weird chinese noodles where the dudes start with one gigantic hunk of dough and after stretching-n-separating-n-stretching-n-separating, they end up with one thousand perfect (and long and THIN) noodles! That's me! I don't want to say I'm a Chinese man's noodle but...hey! And now not only and I stretched thin...but I'm seriously craving some noodles! Num num num.

The following is a list of things affecting my noodley state:
- Working (full-time)
- Schooling (full-time)
- Honors society (extra work-n-shtuff...but there are perks)
- Pussyfoot Girls (2 shows in November)
- "Jump In The Sac" (1 show a month)
- Shark Attack! Records (2 projects in the works)

Yeeeeeeeeesh! I'm going to go coo-coo bananas!
But while there's a lot going on, it's not like it's all a burden. Work pays the bills (bwahahahahaha...just wanted to make you all chuckle). School is rewarding. Honors society is an excellent opportunity that I've earned. Pussyfoot Girls are ever growing (t-shirts coming soon, new shows, new opportunities, new outfits from TRASHY!!!). "Jump In The Sac" is just one more way for the PFG to grow and a once-a-month opportunity for me to get themed-out and rock out. Shark Attack! Records was almost dead in the water so I am happy for the chance to make my little pet project flourish.

PLUS...tomorrow is Bill's birthday and I've gotta say, I wish I had a girlfriend like me! I started buying his presents months ago and if you know me, it's REALLY hard for me to not give a gift IMMEDIATELY. But I've held out and he's getting some k-rad new shtuff from his Snugglefoot. And I'm making a whole birthday weekend out of it. Tomorrow he's off work so when I get home, he can open gifties and then we're either going to Harry's Steak House and bowling OR to Chili's and a haunte dhouse (my first ever...there will have to be pre-spooking cocktail hour). Then Saturday we're leaving for an ultra-secret destination! I booked a room somewhere but he doesn't know where. He just knows to pack a bag and be ready to rock. I'll fill all y'all in when we get back. And when we DO get back on Sunday...the Atlanta race is on. What a weekend! What a woman!

So...I've babbled enough about how nutty everything us. Time to put my nose to the grindstone or whatevs. I will leave you with the very expensive outfits I plan to buy from Trashy! for various "Jump In The Sac" events. If you don't love them, you clearly have no taste, sense of adventure, or male gayness in your life! Life is good. Crazy...but good.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Old teenage hopes are alive at your door.

You know what the best medicine is? I mean, the most excellent remedy for whatever bugs you've got? Get a bunch of really cool kids toegther in your hot pink basement and do shots of Jaeger out of a giant, handcarved spoon to the popular song of your choice! And then spank people with aforementioned spoon until said sppon gets broken over someone's can! THERE IS NOTHING MORE FUN IN THIS WORLD THAN SHOTS OUT OF THE GIANT SPOON! SWEET LORD!

There's a video circulating out there of good times with the spoon.

Other than that, there is plenty I'd like to talk about...SCREAM about...but I won't. I don't really feel like talking OR screaming at this very moment though I very well could. I feel like napping. I feel like eating blueberry pie. I feel like watching "Surf's Up". I feel like "grabbing The Sac" with Carol. I feel like wearing my Shark Attack! Records sweat pants. I feel like itching my tattoo. I feel like telling y'all I've been invited to join the honors program at schooly. I feel like going away for Bill's Birthday weekend. And that about sums it up!

Monday, October 08, 2007

I love the way you way you call me 'baby'.

Life is muy bien, my puppies!

I'm refusing to be melacholy anymore. F "depressed" straight in the A. All I need to kick the blues in the side of the head is a spoonful of good old fashioned compassion and the company of any variety of Ol' Kentucky Sharks. Why didn't I figure this out weeks ago!? Small brain in a big head, I guess. So another successful weekend for the books has come to a close. My dance card was mondo full and I stretched the living bejesus out of every useable minute.

Friday I had dinner with mi familia after I added Bioethics to my already healthy schooly schedule. I injested so much garlic that I could have killed any vampires within a twenthy mile radius and that's exactly how I like it. Pungent. Leathal. Unfortunately, after just barely surviving a nasty stomach virus last week, vampirous amounts of garlic may not have been the smartest snack. I barely made it to the Corral before the cookie-tossing began. I put myself in the bed early with a stack full of flicks. Not bad!

Saturday I had to work...blather...and work was anything but f-u-n. I don't even want to remind myself of how ick it all was so I'll fast forward. I went to Target and loaded up on Halloween gear for my upcoming cool kids hang-out. Favorite purchase? Light-up porch spider, fo' sho. Then I met up with the loverly Carol Shoe-Lane for a girl's day out! We bought cups and lids for Halloween jell-o shots (I'm in college so it's aceeptable), treated ourselves at Crate and Barrel, and lunched at the Melting Pot! After a peach Bellini and a blackberry Margarita...I was goofy. I like lunchtime cocktails and gossip/shit talk with Carol more than anything. But the day didn't stop there! I had a dinner deal with Johnny Switchblade! We got take-out and wathced Knocked Up! I'll be honest...I got cranky towards the end. I had been up since the break-a break-a dawn, had recently been ill, and had another big day ahead. Again, I put myself in bed early with a stack full of flicks. Nice!

Sunday I high-tailed it to my aunt and uncle's farm. We all hung out in the burning hot sun but it was worth it. My family actually keeps me sane when they aren't busy driving me batty. My nephew was so amped just to jump in the mucky pond that it made the whole day worth it. He smelled lovely after all the tomfoolery was said and done. I used to swim in that pond...with the nasty mud squisking beneathe my feet and the fish brushing against me...and undoubtedly the monsters who live on the bottom sneaking a peak! Thinking back on my swimming hole days...EEEEW! I'm such a wuss now. I left the farm for the hood and watched the rest of the race with Puff. Crashed, dinner, hanky panky, cartoons. Weekend, out!

Watch "Pushing Daisies". I'm in love with it. And eat "Brownie Batter" ice-cream. STAT!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Now I am I am FREE!

I'm in a piss poor mood. I couldn't come up with any other clever way to describe my mood. It's poor. It's a Grade-F meat mood. And I'm getting more and more negative because I had a high class weekend and then everything went straight to Chatanooga (my idea of Hell). I have a nasty mug on. Good thing my office has a door because I might feel like slamming it in some people's faces today. Hmph.

As for my k-rad weekend, it all began rolling at an art show where my mom works. Carol and Bill accompanied me and we bought art, had cocktails, mingled, and ate the best beef on a stick I've ever had! Beef...a savory, marinated, slice of Heaven. And it's like upper-crust Heaven where the winners chill if it's on a stick. It was something different to do and I had a blast. Puffin and I had a quiet dinner together after (it was quiet because I was practically asleep) and hit the bricks. The evening was pleasant. I felt very posh. And all these people kept telling me how great I looked. Stylish and tall. Word.

Queen B came to visit. I needed her company more that I knew. We spent a lovely lunch together and had lots of girl talk. I love girl talk almost as much as I love gossip. Sometimes they are one and the same. Then we had a sensational dinner with the Shoe Lanes who are two of my favorite people on the planet. After that, sadly, we went to Club Ice! Grimm won the right to have a party there so we partied...sort of. It was fun to do something different. I, however, will never go back to Club matter how much I want to go to Wiener World for a quickie wedding and a hot dog.

In the morning we hit the Original Pancake House (damn, we did a lot of chowing down), home of the bacon pancake! I was really sad to see Becky go. But I barely DID see her go because my eyelids were temporarily made out of cement! I spent the rest of the day in a hangover-free coma. I made myself into a buttiro warapped in brand new sheets and crashed. It was like a blurry version of Heaven. I love sleep. I wish I could do it all day, every day for a month. Maybe then I wouldn't be such a sourpuss. So...despite some relationship tussling...the weekend was a success.


Work is giving me an ulcer. School is giving me cranial ouchiness. Boyfriend is giving me frown lines. I shouldn't be complaining, really. I have the bestest pals ever and they give me the warm fuzzies. My family is pretty nifty, too. Characters, one and all. And I have a job, a house, a car, Ben & Jerry's in the freezer and all the supplies to make another pot of cheese soup. I'm rocking school like it's nobody's business. I'm going to see They Might Be Giants with Carol next month. I have a boss new Shark tattoo. My DVD collection is MAMMOTH. I should be happy...right?

Someone rub my head, please.