Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taste of a poison paradise.

I hate Brittney Spears but God bless her...she's fuels my need for celeb gossip!

It's Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! My favorite holiday (besides my intense celebration of me). I don't have a rockin' costume this year and I missed the 2 Halloween shin-digs I was invited to. But that's alright. I have my trusty Snoopy as a vampire shirt and some adorable bunny ears. They'll have to do. I'll be the lazy, retired Playboy bunny. Lazy, retired and ill.

I called in sick to work for the first time all year because my lungs are S-H-O-T. Sleeping, coughing, wheezing, sleeping, cheese soup, The Office season 3, America's Next Top Modle cycle 4 and sleeping filled my day. It was a waste of a day off. It wasn't a senior cut day or anything.

The only plus to being a sick-o is that sometimes...your boyfriend packs you a grade school style lunch for work. Bologna sandwich, Pringles, a Jell-o cup and Sprite. All capitals. All cute. I'm enjoying the sandwich right now in the privacy of my office. I need to increase my energy since Bill and I are going to my mommy's annual Halloween event. I refuse to be in bed, wra;pped in blankets on Halloween. Not this year. No sir.

For anyone interested, Bill and I had a great birthday weekend. My planning was an utter success and it couldn't have gone any better. There are pictures and I will bore you with them soon. And you'll LOVE IT!

Busy as ever. My bioethics class started last Monday. Aced my first quiz. Yesterday I was too sick to attend my honor society meeting but I am going to set something personal up with the dean. I registered for spring semester...Patient Care Skills, Applied Algebra and Math Reasoning, Physical Concepts of Diagnostic Medical Imaging, and Intro to Sonography. Let's see if I survive. If I do, I'm buying myself an outfit from Trashy!

Is there life outside or school and work?? Megbo and I are planning a Niagara Falls trip! A girl's over-nighter if you will. I need the cool rush of Candian air in my face! And I need to drink a lot with my favorite girlfriends. And of course, I have 2 PFG shows this month (the 9th in Youngstown and the 30th in Akron). Plus there's all the "Jump In the Sac w/ The Pussyfoot Girls" planning...I can't BELIEVE we're performing with The Heptanes!!! Weeeeeeee.

Enough blather. Enjoy your 'ween.

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