Monday, November 12, 2007

He takes off her dress now.

If any of you know me even an itty bit, you know that when I crush, I crush HARD. And usually I'm crushing on people that barely exist in any sort of tangible realm, like movie or television characters. Well, slap me in the face with a frozen fish, I have a crush on Jim Halpert. Big time. Now don't get me wrong...I love my fella and there's nothing better than drafting that dude. But if I were a swinging bachelorette...IF...I would be looking for a guy like Jim Halpert. Dippy haircut and all. You know, I really wanted nothing to do with The Office and now, 3 box set purchases later...oh Jim Halpert. You're the bees knees.


Had a Pussyfoot show on Friday. It was successful if you erase all the cookie tossing I did afterwards. The blindfold dance was mucho perfecto and I had a lot of fun out there in swinging Youngstown. But like the last 3 times I've drank...I ended up a wreck. It doesn't matter if I have 3 beers or 300, they're taking me out. I don't like playing the roll of obnoxious frat boy so I'm on hiatus, so to speak. I'm not throwing in the towel all together, I just need a break. I just need to shape up. I need to learn to stop at tipsy and avoid drunk. But sometimes I'm not even going for that! Sometimes it's a 2 drink night and you would have tought I stuck my head in a vat of malted hopps and baerly. So...I'm on the wagon for now. Besides my Thanksgiving Bellinis. I've been looking forward to those and I've been busting ass at work-n-school. Bring 'em on. After me Designated Debbie until The Heptanes show at The Sac and even then...I'm setting a limit and I'm lovin' it.

That whole thing made me sound like a lush. I'm not. My tolerance is just shot and I'm not in high school any more. I actually have these little things like responsibilities and priorities. And PRIDE! And self-respect! I like to keep the few shreads I have left!

But at Carol's Birthday shin-dig...I WILL do shots from the spoon. Oh yes.

Yesterday Bill and I decided to stop being lazy old bums and went to the Food Expo. I should back track and say Bill and I were having a really rough go of it for awhile. I had one foot out the door and he knows it. But the past few days have gotten things back on the right track. I think he finally gets what he's going to lose if my get up and go gets up and goes and I go with it.

So now we're appreciating each other more and enjoying each other more. It's way more fun than being haters. We chilled all Saturday and he rubbed my feet while I nursed my hangover with French Onion soup. And the Food Expo was a blast! I MET DUFF GOLDMAN! I humiliated myself but it was pretty much on a dare. I was red as a tomato but it was worth it. We hightailed it home and watched Jimmie Johnson win his 4th race in a row...which was more exciting for Puffin...I was eyeball deep in Bioethics. It was a good day. It was a very Jim and Pam day.

I'm still really stressed out and on edge but I have a buddy now to help out. Rad.

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