Friday, November 30, 2007

Kids in Chicago and no time left for home.

Don't think I've gotten lazy. The exact opposite is true. I've become so busy having a life that blogging just isn't tops on my list. I love doing it, don't get me wrong. I love staying in touch with all my pretties out there. I love having years worth of babble recorded for posterity. I'm babbling right now, to be honest and I'm barely even paying attention to what I'm typing. In I done yet??

Work, school, Pussyfoot Girls, Shark Attack! Records, boyfriend, family, rinse and repeat.

I'll have more time to devote to blathering in the next few weeks. My first semester back to school with be up, our first show at The Sac will be over, the Horror of 59 CD will be rollin' along and I will be napping. Hardcore. Constantly. And working out with my new work out equipment. I'll be doing whatever I can to destress and detox. My new 4 beers or less limit is awesome. I don't miss being drunk. And I really don't miss being a drunk bafoon. Or the beer weight. Or the hangovers. I'm really looking forward to December 17th when I take my last final. And I'm actually looking forward to the holidays this year. Good life...buys life, but good...the best friends you could ask for...and some I didn't ask for OR expect...good guy...good heart, good intensions, sometimes a big dummy but improving...just good.

It's good when things are good.

See you when I'm not such a busy bee! Buzz, muthafuckas.

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