Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been with you such a long time. You're my sunshine.

A 3-day work week followed by a 3-day work week. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Why did I choose to wear shoes that are furry-lined on the day when it's going to be a gazillion degrees? It's not even 7:00am and my poor dogs are roasting. Do people still refer to their feet as "dogs"? That needs to make a come back.

As I've been blathering about for some time now, Becky came to visit this weekend and magically filled all the empty spots in my soul as only she can do. She looks happier, healthier, and just all-around more Becky-ish than ever. Her positivity rubs off on me and she loves me for my bitter snarkiness. We're definitely an Odd Couple but it works, and has worked for over 10 years now.

She arrived early and we shot the breeze. It happens like this every time we get together. We greet each other and get down to gossip. She wants to know what's going on with everyone...my friends, my family, my fetus. Post-gab session, we went to Chocolate Bar and stuffed ourselves silly. She had a Swedish Fish martini (I urged her to have a cocktail despite it being 11:30am)...I had not one but TWO desserts because there is no better time than now to get piggy. I felt like one of those Ladies Who Lunch, but cooler and in better company.

When Todd came home from work, we took the kids to the Brunswick Home Days which was just as trashy as any other city carnival, but still a good time. I love anything that glows and who doesn't love a carnie?? If only we could've seen Mr. Speed, the KISS cover band. The adults talked while the kids rode rickety rides run by toothless weirdies. No one won any miniature basketballs or saw-dust filled toys, but Todd did enjoy an Elephant Ear or Funnel Cake. Something covered in powered deliciousness.

Post-carnival, we headed to Winking Lizard for some munchies and then back to Castle Grayskull for some chill time...which would've been pool time if Ohio wasn't so bizarre. With water under 50 degrees and a heater on the fritz, we had to stay on dry land. And eventually, this preggo-mama had to put herself to bed in preparation for Spencer's baby shower in the morning. You can read about that awesome event and see some snapshots HERE!!! Or you can just forget about it. Your call.

After the shower, Becky hit the road but luckily, I was too busy, buried in a pile of all things baby, to be too sad right away. But once she texted a safe (and speedy) arrival home, I was missing her. Why can't she live a mile down the road like she used to? Everyone grows up and moves on, I suppose. I probably appreciate her more now that seeing her is a special event. Hopefully I'll see her one more time before I'm officially someones parent...but another visit in 51 days seems unlikely. Le sigh...

So there you have it. The portion of my weekend that WASN'T babyfied.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

And you know you have a thousand things in front of you.

Words can not express how lucky I feel right now to have the people in my life that I do. The women in my family and in my life (hey, they're my family, too) rallied today to throw us, and Spencer, one Hell of a baby shower. It was short and sweet and AMAZING. Eventually, I will get around to blogging all the awesome details, some fantastic pictures, and some individual thanks that needs to be documented on the BABY BLOG, but for now, just now that I am full of appreication and love you all. I am very overwhelmed in the best of ways.

Lacey, Todd, and Spencer

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Either way, it's OK. You wake up with yourself.

My new work schedule goes into affect today, and by NEW, I mean "until maternity leave". I'd like to say that means I'm going to have more free hours in my day but it actually means I'll be spending more time on the couch or in the bed with Dr. Nightmare. Maybe I'll finally watch Weeds and Mad Men. Anything else you can recommed? Nothing that'll involve too much brain activity.

But back to my schedule (imagine I said that like a Brit). I appreciate my work being so accomodating and understanding. I'm only shortening my schedule by 6 hours a week but I still hate being a nuisance. Unless I'm purposefully being a nuisance. Which happens often.

And now for the best things I've heard so far this week:

"I kept wishing you were there so I could see a pregnant woman knock a lesbian to the ground. That would've been great".

"Deliciousness knows no time frame".

I got to spend some quality time with my Onionhead yesterday which was much needed. I miss my friends and will probably burst into flames when I see them on Sunday. It was good to gab-n-gossip with someone that really knows me. I always LOVE when someone has a juicy story that makes my jaw drop and leaves me in shock. I like to be on the outside of drama looking in!

My nephews don't know what Skor bars are. Poor, neglected, delicious candy.

Becky is coming to visit this weekend for the baby shower and I get an entire Saturday with her! I already feel whole just knowing she's on her way. She told me not to clean and not to fuss over her, that she's perfectly happy with pizza, chick flicks, and some pool time. Some of my happiest days were Sundays in college when we would get Chinese food and watch movies alllllll day. I'm so looking forward to just being around her that I can't even put it into words. So ignore all those words above.

And with that...I bid you a fond farewell on this rainy day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I was born to love her and I will never be free. She'll always be a part of me.

First off, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends...probably my BEST friend, actually, on the planet, TESSA! Happy 32nd Birthday, love of my life. I hope that this next year finds you happier, healthier, and just showered in oodles of awesomeness. While I don't think I can make it to your shin-dig due to yesterday's hospital events, I will be there in spirit listening to you sing 99 Red Balloons...I ONLY like it when you sing it. Happy Birthday, Onionhead!

Still not happy with the layout. Irked more and more every day.

All my temporary posts have been removed as I believe my message has been received. What I hate about social networking and technology (I'll be honest, there isn't a lot) is that perception of tone and miscommunication are so easy. It was suggested that I do something via interwebs, I encouraged someone to get involved in the situation via text, and the next thing you know, everything is all effed up and lost in translation. How the Hell did you get THAT out of what I said?? I never said anything LIKE that! It ends up being a circus and I have enough clowns in my life.

And drama! Including me and my spawn which you can read about HERE!!

And if you don't feel like reading about my Emergency Room fiasco, just know that both Spencer and I are aces but we'll know even more about a doctor's appointment on Monday. I want to thank all my pals out there for their well-wishes and concerns. You're all cool in my book. And my book is illustrated for those of you who get bored easily.

New carpet came today bringing our formal living room/dining room remodeling project closer to completion. In fact, the room should be done by Sunday! Hooray! Having all these partially finished home projects is weighing heavily on my brain...especially now that my activity has been restricted a little bit more. It will be nice to walk in the door and not see pure havoc. And even though it's the room we use the LEAST in the house, it's probably the room that has the most of our quirky personalities in it. Beats the pants of the beige boredom it used to be. One thing we are not...is beige.

When THEY still lived here. Woof.

Before the destruction began.

During the destruction.

Yep, that's black-n-gray checkered carpet right there!

Formal living room...the first room you see as you enter Castle Grayskull.

Dining room that maybe we'll actually use now!

Next on the never-ending agenda or making a house a home? Finishing our patio/pool projects, putting the basement/man cave back together after the great flooding (thank you again, home owners insurance), putting finishing touches on the Spencer Dome...and whenever there's time (the other projects are priorities), painting the living room and re-doing our downstairs bathroom TIKI STYLE! Somewhere in that list I'd like to fit in some swimming and, oh yeah, giving birth.

That would be SWELL!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I won't cry for you. I won't crucify the things you do.

I am one irritable little zombie this morning. I'm mere milliseconds away from hunting down some sort of tool and removing my spine and all the muscles of my back, leaving me a puddle of muck on the floor. Attractive, no. Necessary, totally.

I know the back pain and tailbone pressure all goes around with hauling precious cargo. But exhaustion can make the simplest things seem a gazillion times more horrific. So that's where I am right now. Beat, uncomfortable and taking it out on the world. If you have to physically interact with me today, I would maintain distance. After all, I've read "Real Ultimate Power".

On the plus side, and this IS a plus as far as I'm concerned, Lady Gaga's new album has grown on me like a delicious and nutritious algae. My initial distaste for it was cause for concern but now I can't stop jamming it. Whew. What a load off my mind. Sure, there may be too many song centered around religious themes for my taste, but what's good is REALLY good.  "Bloody Mary" may be stuck in my head all day and I'm pretty OK with that. Way to go, Gaga.

Way to go.

12 days until the baby shower.
16 days until my next doctor's appointment.
65 days until Spencer's due date.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We'll kill the fatted calf tonight so stick around.

Marcus Samuelson sort of freaks me out. Sorry Ethiopia.

Also, I don't care what you do to goat. I'm not eating it.

A full weekend is coming to a close and I'm blogging from bed because this body needs a rest. The fan is going, my legs are propped on a pillow, and Top Chef is on. Simple. Perfection. And the weekend was the same, despite some unexplained anxiety here and there. It's probably not "unexplained", what with all these home renovation projects going on at once and an active boy growing in my guts. I don't want to bring a baby into chaos. I, myself, don't want to be surrounded by chaos. But that's not really the point since the quick sinking feelings in no way outweighed the good times that were had.

I've said before, and with great enthusiasm, that I'm pretty good when it comes to birthdays and my stepson is turning 10 this week. There's a pretty mind-blowingly cool pool party and sleepover planned for next month (June is jam packed and July will give us a toasty, swimming-worthy day) but we still needed a mini-celebration. I think I did a damn fine job right down to the wrapping paper. It takes weeks to plan, an eternity to wrap, and mere seconds for the paper to fly and it all to be over. But it was well worth it. He was one happy (almost) 10 year old. And the fun just continued as we rocked the chopsticks and he was treated like a king. I think his Magic 8-Ball was right when he asked it if today would be a rad birthday...just wait for your party, kid!!! I may not do everything right, but I know how to throw a party!

We had another celebration this weekend as we hit our 2nd wedding of the season. We got snazzed up and hit both the ceremony and reception...which was in question since my back and tailbone write my agendas these days. Weddings always make you think about your marriage. We know each other better than anyone else can, even when we watch to karate chop each others heads in half. It's cool to have that. It's cool to have some one make sure you have something to drink and are comfortable. It's cool to have someone to ask you to dance. And it's super cool to have someone laugh and tell you they love you because you say you have to poop. Weddings can be good reminders of the good thing you got if you're lucky enough to have it. Maybe I'll karate chop my husband just a little less this week...and I'll be sure to put the same effort into Father's Day as I do to birthdays.

So another work week begins in the morning, leading up to probably one of the busiest weekends of the summer...oh sweet anxiety! There's a studio opening and a karaoke bash (don't expect to hear me singing without liquid courage), more home improvements packed into a short spam of time and another awesome birthday celebration, and then Father's Day. Besides honoring the father of my monster, I've got to do right by my own pops. He's done far too much for us this year, even with a wrecked paw and a full plate. Looking at my dance card, I wonder if I'll be able to find time to sleep and breathe!!!

I guess it's better than being bored.

Am I right???

Thursday, June 09, 2011

A meditation engine runs on gasoline, caffeine, and time.

2 more followers gets me that much closer to my goal of building a robot!

And sometimes I wish I drank coffee. But not enough to do anything about it.

You know what feels incredibly awesome and empowering? Saying what you want to say without thinking or pausing or censoring yourself. Just vomiting your mind, as my girl Gaga would say, all over people at the exact moment the thoughts pop into your head. ZING! You may think this is a bad idea and maybe it is. But lots of bad ideas probably feel incredible. Anyway, I think I've pussyfooted around saying what I want to say for far too long and that's not my style. I'd rather deal with the fallout than the stress of keeping it all bottled up.

And before you try to start blaming my brashness on hormones, let me stop you in your tracks. During my entire preggoness (30 weeks today and you can read about that later here), my emotions have been in check. Except during one beer commercial where a soldier was returning home to a big party in a barn. That made my eyes leaky. Anyway, I've just been thinking a lot which lead me to realize that I sure have buttoned my lip over the last few years and that's not my style. I'm not one to get walked on, never have been.

But enough of that brand of blather!

Ready for a polar opposite?? I am DETERMINED to go to a Renaissance fair this year. In fact, the Ohio Renaissance Festival kicks off a month after Spencer is scheduled to vacate my uterus. Is it bad form to take an infant to a Renaissance fest? Don't babies like turkey legs, jousting, and big steins full of mead or ale? Every year I mean to go and I miss out. Enough of this putting things off! That's how things DON'T get done and I don't want to be on my deathbed whining about how I didn't go to a Renaissance fair. Does that sound trivial? Shut up. You can come, too.

I need some pool time.

And I am STILL not satisfied with this flipping layout! GRRRR!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sometimes I told the truth and sometimes I lied.

Two, count 'em, TWO posts I wrote yesterday just disappeared into thin air! This has never happened before and I have no explanation as to why but it has me all kinds of miffed. Yeah, you heard me...MIFFED! But it's not like they were about anything all that fascinating. Just the usual meaningless and mindless blather. Still, I tool the time to type them. And to spell-check them. And to laugh at them. I've wasted my own laughs! Grrrr.

And now here's something we hope you'll REALLY like!

So, I might be having those Braxton-Hicks faux contraction thing-a-ma-jigs (for the record, the Fish-a-ma-jig from Friendly's is still the most hilarious thing I've ever seen on a menu). Either that or for brief seconds at a time, there is a war being waged in my uterus. Maybe with a mini-Alien vs. mini-Predator.


I kind of grossed myself out with that one and feel pretty squirmy.

WTF BLOGGER!?!?! I just blathered a bunch of mind-blowingly interested shtuff and it's gone! GONE the way of the unicorn and the dinosaur and the dinosaur unicorn. I'm giving up for today. My wit is spontaneous. I can't recreate that kind of magic on the spot and certainly not when I feel like doing a round-house kick to my monitor, sending zombie rubber ducks flying to their death (a.k.a. the floor). This is not paving the way for a day full of awesomeness, I'll tell you what!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Like a road, you're somewhere to go.

There is a piece of chocolate coconut cream cheesecake waiting for me in the fridge. But do I really want to start my day with another sugar high? In approximately 75, I'm going to give birth to a tornado. Or a marshmallow.

Yesterday was unexpectedly full and gave me a little bit of a jump start. Recently, I've been feeling a little...well, a little everything, emotionally and physically. Lost, bored, overwhelmed, uncomfortable. But yesterday sort of worked out the kinks a bit.

After my hubby hooked me up with an Iphone (reason #254 that he's pretty cool - he accepts my technology obsessions), I had a 1 hour glucose test at the hospital which was fascinating (but more about that at the baby blog). Once I shook the sugar, I spent the cheddar...had to score a more comfy bikini so I can take advantage of having a pool, bump and all.

John Jackson and I had a late lunch/early dinner/shit talking session and then I unexpectedly ending up at my niece's baseball game...and left there with a breast pump (say WHAAAT?). I'm not trying to give you the play by play of the day, honestly, but it was the baby, friends, family, weather, accomplishment of tasks, etc. that leveled me out.

Don't get me wrong, I like a lazy day more that most people. But the further along in my preggoness I get, the more useless I feel I'll become. I need to fill my days with productive hours while I can. Then when I can't, you'll find me floating the pool.

Life es bueno!
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