Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've overcome the blow. Learned to take it well.

I'm about ready to romance your pants off.

Things have been pretty fudged up lately in my relationship. And I think it's been making me more physically ill than usual. Ear aches, nose bleeds, high blood pressure, tension headaches. I'm like walking death. And I've had one foot out the door as it is! Out the door, not in the grave. We're talking my boyfriend/girlfriend situation...not the chance that I might buy the farm in the near future. The chances that my relationship might be my cause of death is just another check in the con column of my pro/con list. Blather. But hey, this is my relationship. Quirks, snarky remarks and all. I've decided to keep both feet in and tuff it out. As 1980s hipster Howard Jones says...things can only get better!

So here's a hat trick of romance that will make no one weak in the knees.

Besides me.

1. Bill and I had a penny fight at work yesterday and it was incredibly fun and time consuming and made me love him despite how 5th grade it was. I hate nickles. Anyone who knows me knows this. When I have nickles, I throw them in his office and it drives him nuts because he is forced to pick them up, lazy ass. So he started retaliating with pennies. But not one penny. PENNIES! All over my office. So then I threw pennies all over HIS office. He countered with about 100 more and then locked himself in his office and taped the bottom of the door shut so I could slide mocking pennies under. What did I do while we was busy taping himself in?

I threw 100 pennies all over his unlocked car. I am now the champion! YES!

2. When I got home form a back-to-back session of work and school (including an A&P lab test that I aced...go me!), Puff told me he had a present for me upstairs. Now while I didn't find Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck naked on respective animal rugs discussing whose facial hair was superior...which is what I was hoping for...I did find something pretty cool.

My first pair of scrubs!!!

He always said he would buy me my first pair and he did. They're all blue and professional looking and bad ass. I had a brief vision of myself doing an ultrasound on someone while wearing these beautiful blue scrubs! It was lovely. Until I remembered that I will also have to do rectal ultrasounds and not even my scrubs could save me from that!

3. After basking in the glow of my scrubs and the lingering glee from the morning's penny fight, my man made me a grilled cheese sandwich, french fries and milk at 11:00pm. He didn't make this milk. That would be terrifying for everyone. But it was a nice treat. It was a simple thing that reminded me that MY NOSE DOES NOT HAVE TO BLEED!

Thanksgiving is mere days away and my favorite people are coming over to scarf-n-chow-lounge-n-veg. And then there's Zombie Walk and the Horror of 59 CD release. And before you know it...The Hollibilly Ball! And we have a new Pussyfoot Girl! I can not contain the rapture!

But not the rapture in the Bible where everyone dies.

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