Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little dead are out in droves.

I couldn't possibly be stretched any thinner. It's impossible. I feel like those weird chinese noodles where the dudes start with one gigantic hunk of dough and after stretching-n-separating-n-stretching-n-separating, they end up with one thousand perfect (and long and THIN) noodles! That's me! I don't want to say I'm a Chinese man's noodle but...hey! And now not only and I stretched thin...but I'm seriously craving some noodles! Num num num.

The following is a list of things affecting my noodley state:
- Working (full-time)
- Schooling (full-time)
- Honors society (extra work-n-shtuff...but there are perks)
- Pussyfoot Girls (2 shows in November)
- "Jump In The Sac" (1 show a month)
- Shark Attack! Records (2 projects in the works)

Yeeeeeeeeesh! I'm going to go coo-coo bananas!
But while there's a lot going on, it's not like it's all a burden. Work pays the bills (bwahahahahaha...just wanted to make you all chuckle). School is rewarding. Honors society is an excellent opportunity that I've earned. Pussyfoot Girls are ever growing (t-shirts coming soon, new shows, new opportunities, new outfits from TRASHY!!!). "Jump In The Sac" is just one more way for the PFG to grow and a once-a-month opportunity for me to get themed-out and rock out. Shark Attack! Records was almost dead in the water so I am happy for the chance to make my little pet project flourish.

PLUS...tomorrow is Bill's birthday and I've gotta say, I wish I had a girlfriend like me! I started buying his presents months ago and if you know me, it's REALLY hard for me to not give a gift IMMEDIATELY. But I've held out and he's getting some k-rad new shtuff from his Snugglefoot. And I'm making a whole birthday weekend out of it. Tomorrow he's off work so when I get home, he can open gifties and then we're either going to Harry's Steak House and bowling OR to Chili's and a haunte dhouse (my first ever...there will have to be pre-spooking cocktail hour). Then Saturday we're leaving for an ultra-secret destination! I booked a room somewhere but he doesn't know where. He just knows to pack a bag and be ready to rock. I'll fill all y'all in when we get back. And when we DO get back on Sunday...the Atlanta race is on. What a weekend! What a woman!

So...I've babbled enough about how nutty everything us. Time to put my nose to the grindstone or whatevs. I will leave you with the very expensive outfits I plan to buy from Trashy! for various "Jump In The Sac" events. If you don't love them, you clearly have no taste, sense of adventure, or male gayness in your life! Life is good. Crazy...but good.

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