Monday, October 08, 2007

I love the way you way you call me 'baby'.

Life is muy bien, my puppies!

I'm refusing to be melacholy anymore. F "depressed" straight in the A. All I need to kick the blues in the side of the head is a spoonful of good old fashioned compassion and the company of any variety of Ol' Kentucky Sharks. Why didn't I figure this out weeks ago!? Small brain in a big head, I guess. So another successful weekend for the books has come to a close. My dance card was mondo full and I stretched the living bejesus out of every useable minute.

Friday I had dinner with mi familia after I added Bioethics to my already healthy schooly schedule. I injested so much garlic that I could have killed any vampires within a twenthy mile radius and that's exactly how I like it. Pungent. Leathal. Unfortunately, after just barely surviving a nasty stomach virus last week, vampirous amounts of garlic may not have been the smartest snack. I barely made it to the Corral before the cookie-tossing began. I put myself in the bed early with a stack full of flicks. Not bad!

Saturday I had to work...blather...and work was anything but f-u-n. I don't even want to remind myself of how ick it all was so I'll fast forward. I went to Target and loaded up on Halloween gear for my upcoming cool kids hang-out. Favorite purchase? Light-up porch spider, fo' sho. Then I met up with the loverly Carol Shoe-Lane for a girl's day out! We bought cups and lids for Halloween jell-o shots (I'm in college so it's aceeptable), treated ourselves at Crate and Barrel, and lunched at the Melting Pot! After a peach Bellini and a blackberry Margarita...I was goofy. I like lunchtime cocktails and gossip/shit talk with Carol more than anything. But the day didn't stop there! I had a dinner deal with Johnny Switchblade! We got take-out and wathced Knocked Up! I'll be honest...I got cranky towards the end. I had been up since the break-a break-a dawn, had recently been ill, and had another big day ahead. Again, I put myself in bed early with a stack full of flicks. Nice!

Sunday I high-tailed it to my aunt and uncle's farm. We all hung out in the burning hot sun but it was worth it. My family actually keeps me sane when they aren't busy driving me batty. My nephew was so amped just to jump in the mucky pond that it made the whole day worth it. He smelled lovely after all the tomfoolery was said and done. I used to swim in that pond...with the nasty mud squisking beneathe my feet and the fish brushing against me...and undoubtedly the monsters who live on the bottom sneaking a peak! Thinking back on my swimming hole days...EEEEW! I'm such a wuss now. I left the farm for the hood and watched the rest of the race with Puff. Crashed, dinner, hanky panky, cartoons. Weekend, out!

Watch "Pushing Daisies". I'm in love with it. And eat "Brownie Batter" ice-cream. STAT!

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