Monday, May 09, 2011

Go up in the air, come down in slow motion.

I had a dream last night that Todd and I took Spencer (in actual " freshly outside of the womb" form) to a Lady Gaga concert. I was trying to find a bathroom before the show and I saw a mob following Gaga herself. I "OWWWWW"-ed as I've been known to do at shows in the past and all grew quiet as Gaga approached me. It must've been her mating call. She kissed me on lips, not sexy-like or anything, but she was definitely sending me odd vibes, and I tried to take a self-picture. When I got back to where Todd, Spencer, and his god-mother were, the picture had some how erased. I was livid and I woke up confused.

Maybe I need to dial back the amount of Gaga in my life. Worth pondering.

News flash: my back is sore, I'm beat-n-fidgety, and I anticipate a long day ahead.

Second news flash: we had a night on the town this weekend with friends we haven't seen in awhile. It involved a cheese plate, so you know it was both posh and a smashing success. I lurve my friends and I forget exactly how MUCH I lurve them until I see them after time has passed. I felt exactly the same about Phoebe when she and I saw Gaga recently (there she is again, invading my life and thoughts).

I'm hoping to see lots of pals at the Horror of 59/Cult of the Psychic Fetus show on Friday, keep the good feelings going, you know? When the PFG was still struttin', I knew I was going to see my girls once a week and the usual suspects at LEAST once a month if not more. Now everyone is getting engaged, getting hitched, getting knocked up, co-habitating, moving, working on new projects...and such is life. And I know I'm plenty to blame as I've been M.I.A. Doesn't make me miss my dudes any less. Miss ya, dudes.

I have the Letter People theme song in my head out of nowhere. Odd.

We're going to a wedding in Nowheresville this weekend and I'm actually looking forward to it. Sure, I won't know many people there and can't relax with a cocktail, but it's a reason to buy a new outfit and shoes and spend some time all dolled up with my fella. We're going to 3 weddings this year and already have one lined up for next year. Love is in the air. It's the fever, people.

"Pants On Fire" was my derby pic. SUCKO. It's GLUE for YOU, pony!

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Anonymous said...

Any reason to buy new shoes is a good reason :)