Saturday, May 21, 2011

I want to make up for lost time tonight and I just can't wait.

Man, have I been a bad blogger. But maybe you should thank me for not boring you to tears and/or death since my week has basically consisted of sleeping (poorly, might I add) my life away with a super sore back. Yesterday I forced myself to build the changing table, clean the kitchen and do some laundry. My back and I sure are paying for it this morning. But that's life. Or the life of a 6 1/2 month pregnancy person, I suppose.

It's going to be 75 and partly cloudy which is as close to Heaven as I'm going to get to today. Doesn't seem like the Rapture happened, as predicted by nutbags. I love that Castle Grayskull is filled with widows and sliding doors because I'll need some sunshine and fresh air (let's throw some bad TV in there, too) while I keep trucking on with my nesting. What room of my house will be destroyed and repaired today?

Speaking of home destruction, let me just say HOORAY FOR INSURANCE! Our home owners insurance company (how adult does that sounds?) actually sent an adjuster out and we were cut a check on the spot for all the basement-flooding nonsense. I wasn't expecting any money so I'm more than happy with what we got. There will be some new drywall and paint, a new bathroom floor, new doors if we so choose, and a plumber to check out some shtuff. It's going to be some work, I've been told, but hopefully it's done before Spencer shows up. I can't happily enjoy my son living in a shit shack.

Sorry I couldn't dazzle you with more wit. I want to enjoy the early-morning weather.

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Anonymous said...

Still alive here too, and people half way across the world are now having Sunday brunch and they are still all alive as well.