Monday, May 23, 2011

Teenage love song, ain't such a thing.

At this time in 2005, I abandoned my blog at (still hilarious and available for posterity's sake) and made my home here at The Cleveland "A". 6 long and jam-packed years I've been blathering and droning on and on about whoever and whatever I want...though I was a little more verbal and nasty back in the day. A lot has chanced in what is really such a short amount of time (unless, as I've said, you were in jail...6 years in jail would be a long time).

This time in 2005 also saw the birth of Mamacita's brain child, The Pussyfoot Girls, another main staple in the diet of my life.  I miss knowing that every week, I'd see my favorite gals walking through the doors of the Ol' Kentucky Corral (might as well mark 2005 down as when I bought that joint, though it was summer when I moved in). I miss listening to music and being ridiculous. It's not even the shows that I's the practices. Some of the best and most absurd times of my entire life.

And wow, Spring 2005 saw a lot of action in my little life because it's ALSO when my divorce was all said-n-done. It doesn't even really seem like that marriage actually happened. Eh, it was really just "playing house" when it comes down to it. Is it weird that I can barely remember what something should be significant was actually like? Eh, it is what it is.

But enough about my blog's 6th birthday...

I'm starting my week off with a cupcake. I predict good things.

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