Sunday, October 04, 2009

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9/19/09 CONTINUED!


Finally I was called out to stand by the girls and my dad. They brought Todd out and the fellas started their walk. Then one by one, my calming agents...disappeared down the aisle. Then it was Aiden and Molly's turn...she took the cake, man. Adorable. I'd post pics but I don't want to exploit the underaged. Next thing I knew, the music changed, everybody stood, and off we went. I tried to smile and not look phony. I tried not to walk too fast. I tried to focus on Todd. He looked like he was going to throw up. It was not a calming face I was walking to. He later told me...and it was confirmed by the best man...that he felt like he was going to cry. And that it wouldn't be able to be stopped. So he bottled it up. I started to cry before my dad and I walked down. I, too, bottled it up. I finally pinned it down. It wasn't really that I was NERVOUS. It's that I was see Todd.

The rest of the ceremony went nice and smooth. We had such tight grips on each other. We didn't fumble over vows, we didn't drop rings, we didn't freak out or pass out. We were calm-ish. The song Rocko wrote and performed for us blew minds. I was told by many that it was at that point that they cried. Rocko is rad and everyone should be so lucky as know him, let alone have him write and perform a special song at their wedding. The next thing I knew, we were pronounced man and wife, sealed it with a kiss, and were walking down the aisle as Mr and Mrs! And for the record, Jen was the 1st person to call me Mrs. Gasnert after it was actually so.

We didn't have much time to bask in the awesomeness of being married after such a 322 day countdown because we had minimal time to take photos with the kids in the church. It was a kid-free reception so that was the time. We hammered out those necessary shots (which I'm not going to post...don't want to post pics of the kid for their own privacy...same with our families...same with a lot of the beautiful, fun, quirky posed shots...I need to keep somethings to ourselves) and then ran outside to a waiting bunch of hooligans! They clapped and cheered and it felt pretty awesome. Phoebe said that you could see the genuine love and happiness on our faces. I agree.

We boarded the party bus, I copped a seat on my husband's lap and we were on our way to unwide and mug for the camera. It felt so good to just sit for a just BE with Todd. To be his wife! It was exactly how I had pictured the wedding in my mind. I'm glad we went the traditional route. Traditions like that have lasted through time for a reason. Or something like that. I don't know. Phoebe said it. We could have gotten married in our pajamas in the living room with the dog and cat for all I cared. But to do what we did and say what we said in front of all the people we was really rad.

Here are my favorite pics from the ceremony!


Old Stone Church

Mr. and Mrs.

Best Dressed bridesmaid & best friend


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