Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Such a pretty face but she's not regretful.

Man, I hope someone watched 'How I Met Your Mother' last night.


I look cute today. Is that wrong to say outloud? I don't give a fig. I guess at least I'm being honest. Brutal honesty is my new thang so, besides the hideous purple and green bruise on the top of my hand, I look cute. And I feel cute. The last few days I've felt very much like a non-adorable zombie or some other sort of animated corpse that was going through the scripted motions. Today, I'm back to being me, all awesome and adorable. And God BLESS Lunesta! I don't care if there have been reported cases of people driving and eating and making phone calls with no recollection!

Grrrrrr. It looks like Autumnfest might be scratched from our weekend which makes me feel like... OK, sorry for the interruption. After reporting to Todd that Autumnfest doesn't looks like it's in the cards (sniff), he first said he'd scratch up the rest of the money. When i told him that wasn't necessary, he said we need to come up with somewhere else to go on the cheap (he's feeding my need for a road trip). And after I said that was really unnecessary, he said he wants "an alone romantic weekend". So we're both digging through our brains and resources to put a rad weekend together...together. I'm not so "grrrrrrr" about missing out on Autumnfest anymore. There's a solid Skunk-n-Weasel weekend in the works...and actually, the plan is SET! From the time he gets off work on Friday until we go to bed Sunday, planned-n-awesome. PUMPED!

Phoebe had another circus sideshow dream! This time I wasn't alone with an elephant. Todd was the ringmaster and I was still doing all my trapeze business. I like that even in other people's dreams, we're together, being awesome. But what IS going on in Bizzle's brain??? I told her to pretend the trapeze artist is shacking up with the ringmaster while she's at the actual circus this week. She's smart enough to assume they aren't as cool as Todd and I would be if it were OUR circus. Maybe these dreams are trying to tell her that we're all unhappy with the working wolrd and need to start a circus! How RAD! How unfathomably RAD!

Begin random blather...NOW!

I pulled all my acrylic wedding nails off. They're not for me. I am craaaaaaazy good with chopsticks and wish I had some Japanese non-sushi food right now. Karen is ready to start Pussyfootin' again. I hope Sarah is seriously interested. Carol and I had a funny convo about Tequila. I compared my relationship with it to Romeo & Juliet. I wish it was Thursday already. The weekend is so chock full of awesomeness that I'm antsy. Todd just reminded me that I love Nancy Grace. She's a bitch but she is ALWAYS prepared.

'Nuff said.

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