Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Until I get it I can't breathe.

So I made a deal with Todd that as soon as the wedding was over I would make an appointment with an ACTUAL doctor (one that I could go to every time I am sick...so we should be great friends in the next few months, blech) to get all of my health issues under control. 30 years of constantly being sick has taken it's toll on me and those around me and my husband doesn't want me to die at an early age. He already knows that unlike some women who want their widowed husbands to move on and date again, I want him to mourn my zombie bones for eternity. My aunt recommended a doc, I kept my word and I have a date with her on Thursday to:

-discuss my lifetime of illness (Pneumonia 5 or 6 times, once resulting in broken ribs...and that's just the tip of the iceberg) and see if I have some sort of compromised immune system. There has to be some sort of drug therapy that can stop me from catching what everyone else has. There HAS to be.

-see what can be done about my neverending sleeplessness because I'm becoming immune to the over-the-counter remedies and I don't believe in any of the hippie-ish methods like deep breathing and herbs. The less sleep I get, the more likely I am to rip your heart out with my hands.

-start preparing this body for the 40 week task of growing a little monster inside. Some time next year, we want to cook up a lil' skunk or weasel and I want to be in tip-top condition before that happens or I'll never bounce back! I know how slowly I recover and there's no time to recover when another person depends on you to, well, exist.

So it's on. Hopefully there's nothing fishy going on.

What else is on the menu?

Halloween! My costume is going to be both comfortable and rad and I'm going bananas with anticipation! We got engaged on Halloween (I still count it as Halloween even if it was after midnight) so it's pretty cool that 1 year later, we're hitched! We're going to my parents' annual Trick-or-Treat par-tay and then hanging with The Shoe-Lanes. I'm not sure what we'll be up to but whatever it is...I will be in costume! I've decided that sexy costumes are out, and comfort is KEY! In addition to my costume's awesomness, I can bowl in it, watch a movie in it, go to a bar in it, whatever I want! And I'll be just ADORABLE!!! Sorry...I'm just really pumped for the holidays this year! Who knew?

I had recently been commenting on how a lot of my pals were down-n-out and bummed and blue and I how I was useless as far as helping them out of their slumps. Well, I've recently realized that a lot of my friends are totally bananas in LOVE these days! So hooray for those guys! Especially Erin and Josh...I'm totally their "get married NOW" cheerleader. I know 3 separate couples that are getting married around Halloween next year and Lord KNOWS at least 2 of those events are going to be a rockin' good time!!! I love me a wedding!

Next up: deciding if I want to start nursing school in the spring!

I'm in a good mood. Good things are ahead!

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