Monday, October 26, 2009

Cause I ain't the way you found me!

I can't even believe what I just heard! Many, many minutes have passed and my mind is still completely blown. I promised I wouldn't talk about it. I had to SWEAR because sometimes secrets eat me alive. I'm much better keeping happy, cheerful secrets that I am at keeping horrible, hurty, painful secrets. This one is definitely a keeper...and not just because I swore.

But let it be known that if I COULD talk about it, I WOULD talk about it because I have things to SAY because you're my FRIEND, person who burdened me with a secret. BUT I CAN'T. And I WANT TO! Listen YOU...person who told me said secret...BLAH! It's eating me alive from the uterus out. That should amuse you, no doubt!!!!

Love you!

1 comment:

phoebe marie said...

teeheehee. oh, secrets. oh, uterus-eating. oh, oh, oh.

love you.