Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The beat's really hot!

9/19/09 CONTINUED!


We got to the reception and my mind was blown. Everything looked great. It was certainly full but not as body-to-body as I thought it would be with 218 guests. We mingled and drank our signature drink, The Bubble YUM, and just tried to de-stress a little. That didn't last long due to some sitches with our caterer but you know what? I can't dwell on that now. I will later in a strongly worded letter! The photobooth was a HIT! And I've got like 180 strip pictures to prove it! You can tell which people loved it because they were in and out all night and you can see their steady decline into mega-party-mode! Even my Hello Kitty bride got in the photobooth!!!!

The bridal party was announced by the one and only Tommy Bones and we made our big entrace as Mr & Mrs to The Munsters theme song. From what I hear, the food blew minds! I sort of picked at it here and there. A lot is expected out of the bride and groom at a reception so I still had nerves. Once we finished, we walked table to table and thanked everyone for coming. That part was actually pretty fun. We posed for pictures and heard everyone tell us how the food rocked, everything looked rad and that it was a beautiful ceremony. Thumbs up! And whateverone told me was only see everyone for about 1 minute each. But they were good minutes!

Things got a late start and our table-to-table business was taking longer than we planned so we skipped over our 1st dance and our Father/Daughter dance. There was some friction between Mr & Mrs but that's because we were stressed! The lady paid to set the pace and solve the problems was MIA so it was up to us. Not exactly what we wanted to do. We calmed ourselves down, got our smooch on, and got back in the swing. 1st I tossed the bouquet...far more ladies came up for that than I "She-Devil" by Cult Of The Psychic Fetus. My nephew's girlfriend, Roni, caught it! I'm still laughing!! Then we used our switchblade ot cut the (cup)cake. No smashing in faces. That was grounds for divorce. We did feed it to each other though. Cute. Traditional. I heard plenty of other people smashed cupcakes in faces. And the cupcakes themselves? HIT! They went like hotcakes!!

After that, it was dance time. And I was worried abotu peopole not dancing for no reason. They danced! And my friends Lisa and Brian danced the HELL out of "Beat It". Amazing. I am so glad we picked our own music because I was pumped about every jam I heard!!! Todd and I got in a few slow dances but he used the time I was boogie-ing to catch up with his pals, especially Brian who flew in from Hawaii. I had a blast. It just went by so quickly. The next thing I knew, "$100 Hangover" was playing...while I was dancing with Sugar...and people started filing out. It was a success. It was beyond anything I could have imagined or hoped for.

We got back to the hotel and realized we didn't have our key! So there we wiated in the hallway in our dress and tux wit a cart full of presents and cards. A drunk Ohio State fan wobbled by and told me I looked hot. I think it made Todd proud! Once we got in, the adrenaline was flowing so we opened our loot. While we loved everything we got, we laughed the most at 6 pint glasses from John Jackson that read Fucker, Douchebag, Bitch, Pimp, Ho and Hot Mess! We've used them several times already. Once all was said and done, it was lights out some time around 2:30am. After all, we had a 9:00am plane!!



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