Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Will the planes ever collide?



I woke up early and showered. I didn't feel so hot. It wasn't a hangover by any means. It was a combination of adrenaline still pumping and a rush of concern over the fact that I FORGOT WE NEEDED OUR BIRTH CERTIFICATES TO GET ON THE SHIP!!! I was not going to be able to relax until we had them in hand. I was in a panic! How could I plan everything so perfectly and forget birth certificates?? My new in-laws picked us up downtown and drove us home where we dropped off old luggage and gifts and picked up new luggage...and birth ceritifcates!!!! WHEW! Said goodbye to the pets, reloaded the car and were off!

I love, love, love airports. I love knowing I'm going somewhere else. I love buying trashy magazines and snacks. And we got there at a perfect time! We breezed through check-in, security, bought US, People and some Flips, got on the plane, fell asleep on the plane, and woke up in Ft. Lauderdale. Getting on the boat was just as smooth!!! But the rest is a blur! We got in our cabin (rad), napped, went to a meeting about what to do if we're sinking, went back to our cabin (still rad) and slept the night away! We didn't even go to dinner!!

The next morning we woke up refreshed and in Key West! We had breakfast and got off the ship! Went to the Southern Most Point of the U.S., toured Hemmingway's house, saw the lighthouse, saw the oldest house in Key West, saw the tattoo parlor (ha!), and hit many bars, including the pirate bar where we had lunch. We napped before dinner and then chowed down! Basically, you can assume that any day we got OFF the boat, we got back on, napped, went to dinner, chowed down, had a drink, and went to bed. We never made it past 9:30pm!!!! Days when we STAYED on the ship, you an assume there was plenty more drinking, gambling, swimming, hot tubbing and fun.

It was raining when we got to Grand Cayman. We still walked around but we cancelled our beach excursion. Eventually we were fed up and returned to the boat. Screw you, Grand Cayman! But we made up for it on the boat. SO many daquiris. My brain is still frozen. I said I was going to wear bikinis and drink umbrella drinks and I DID!! We fared better in Jamaica. We went to Dolphin Cove and swam with 8 foot Nurse sharks and sting rays. Todd thought they felt like slippery pancakes. So cute! We sampled Jamaican rum, walked the trails and saw colorful birds and HUGE spiders, took pictures of dolphins and iguanas and we were off to Dunn's River Falls. We climbed the waterfall...took about an hour. It WAS beautiful but the climb was not my thing. Todd liked it so it wasn't a waste. It was something we can say we did. We climbed a famous waterfall top to bottom!!

Maybe it doesn't sounds like we did a lot but we DID! That's why we had to nap AND go to bed early every day. We were exhausted! But rest assured, my $300 in Victoria's Secret swag did not go to waste! Enough smut. The last day WAS kind of fun eventhough it was sad. We got a bucket of beers, a daquiri and a Mai Tai and brought them back to our room while I packed. We had a good time at a dinner with our table pals. We swam one last time. We hot tubbed one last time. We got our money's worth and I would definitely saw it was exactly what a honeymoon should be! And it continued when we got home! As I previously blogged, we slept in, there were tattoos, friends came over, we went to Sushi Rock with T&C, a new kitchen floor was put in...there was a lot of fun once we came back to Cleveland. And our 1st PJ Thursday as married people? HA HA HA HA! AWESOME! I can't even tak about it. Too ridiculous.

So you've heard it all. We got married and we honeymooned! Now we're knee-deep into our life together. Sure, it doesn't really feel different. From the 1st day he came over, he never left. We've spent minimal time apart during our entire relationship. So it felt like we were already married...that's what Rocko kept saying, too. But it has been fun to throw around "wife" and "husband" and be called "Mrs. Gansert". I felt a little down early this I was crashed. Jen said it was probably postwedding depression...much like the postpartum depression she's been studying up on. She said I need to think positive thoughts like "now we can make babies!!!!" but quickly retracted and said I probably need something less stressful right now like "I'm a wife and can do wife things like make cupcakes in a cute apron!!!". After a rest, I'd like to both. Possibly simulatenously! Thanks for reading. You're officially free! The wedding/honeymoon are done. TIME TO START LIVIN'!



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