Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert.

It's hard to tell the truth sometimes. To just open yourself up and spill your guts on the pavement, no matter who you're spilling them to. It makes you hurt in places you didn't know could hurt. But it hurts worse to hold things inside and bury them deeply. I assume there are deeply buried tumors filled with nothign but hurt. Life is hard. I miss when life was easy and all you had to worry about was if your mommy put a treat in your lunch bag and hoping you could stay up all night at the slumber party. She always did and I always could so life was good. Simple. I could go for a big scoop of that right about now. Luckily, Phoebe helped make a long list of things that are awesome (in my humble opinion) so that is helping me with my upside down frown.

SPEAKING of "Upside Down Frown"...

They Might Be Giants blew my mind right outta my head! Yes, they played the ENTIRE "Flood" album, as promised, but they also played 'James K. Polk', 'Shoehorn With Teeth', 'Here Come The Elements', 'The Sun Is A Mass...', 'The Sun Is a Miasma', 'Shooting Star', 'We're The Mesopotamians'...and I'm SURE I'm forgetting a few others but weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I loved every minute of it. I loved having Todd's fingers in my belt loops. I loved seeing my sister have such a great time. I loved buying a t-shirt. I loved it all. I think it was the 10th time I've seen them and it was by far the best. And I'm not just saying that because there were sock puppets wearing coffee cups for hats! Happy 20th Anniversary, They!

And Happy 1 Month Anniversary to us. I got theeeeee most beautiful flowers for Sweetest Day (I don't care if it's a made up holiday...Todd could have said they were for "Non-Aplicator Tampon Day" and I could have loved them all the same). They are enormous lillies and they were this orangey-red-alienesque color. It was a nice surprise. I want to wear one in my hair. Maybe I will on the way to Autumnfest.

Before we hit the road on Friday, I have to pop by the doc and get my test results. So I had my physical, which wasn't very physical at all. It was basically just a buncha bleeding. I gave my mile long list of illnesses with a star next to what I've had this year alone. She's running a whole kajigger of tests to pinpoint the problem...didn't take enough blood from my arm to get the info she needed so we had to resort to the hand. Stupid tattoos and their vein-hiding properties! She gave me a boatload of samples for Lunesta which has been working GREAT so far but I thought it was odd she's give it to me since I told her I both have athsma and will be trying to get pregnant. Whatever. If baby has three arms, it'll be more useful! So my shotty immune system was discussed, my sleeping issues are temporarily covered, and on Friday, we'll hopefully be on track for any future baby-making. And the pneumonia vaccine? Check! And ouch! So there you have it. Friday we'll know why my body hates me.

I guess that's it. I covered my weird mood, the show, the doctor, getting flowers. Throw in "Ugly Betty season 3" and chicken paprikash and I think we're got everything covered...for now.

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