Monday, October 26, 2009

I like to feed the flies that I know!

We went to Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween store this weekend and I got sooooo pumped! I heart Halloweeeeeeeeen, and not just because I got engaged on it. I've always been a Halloween buff. Every room in our house has a skull or skeleton or something creepy in it all year round. We're creepy people. We're grown adults who dress up and I love it. Halloween as a kid was ALWAYS amazing. My mom sure knew (and STILL knows) how to do it up. There were a few years tucked in there where my holiday was ruined But life is good and Halloween will be, too. I so declare!!

But one thing that irks me, and several people I've talked to...why are costumes for kids/tweens/teenagers so sleazy?? Why does a 10 year old even have the OPTION of being a slutty Snow White or slutty school girl? Why can't kids just be KIDS anymore? Some kids I know who I still consider LITTLE are all hung up on brand name clothes and having cell phones (seriously...who are you gonna call?) and being mini-thugs! I know it's outside influence but MAN, if I could go back to being a kid for even a few days, I would. Just to play with Legos and Barbies and eat dinner with my family and watch Blossom or Fraggle Rock and get tucked in. I didn't appreciate it at the time.

If our daughter left the house as a slutty ANYTHING...broken legs.

Green Day is on the radio. Makes me think of Erin. Which is nice.

While on the subject of holidays, I can not WAIT to go to Niagara Falls for New Year's with our pals!!! I like the idea of spending the first few days on the year in another country, even if it's only America's hat! And I got our passport applications today which is really flipping cool. It's something I've never had but always wanted. I also found the perfect dress to wear when 2010 rolls in. Oooh and Todd just got a new suit. How fashionable we'll be...for a change! Jim and I were supposed to get Niagara Falls inspired tattoos during a previously planned trip. I was supposed to get the giant fangs in front of Dracula's Castle on Clifton Hill. I think he was getting a spoon. Why do I think that? Well NOW I'm thinking...first tattoos of 2010! AHAHAHAHAHA! YES!


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