Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mother! Father! Look at your little monster!

I know the single coolest, most amazing, hilarious, insanely creative and creatively insane people on this planet or any other. I'd challenge anyone who tries to deny that FACT to a fist fight. And I'd win.

I have a new series of paintings in the work based on each letter of the alphabet and its correspondance to a smutty word! I asked for suggestions as I was looking for things beyond "P is for Penis" and more like "W is for Whisker Biscuit". These people, my friends, are REALLY rallying with the suggestions. Some have been so hilariously vile that I thought I would throw up in my mouth while simultaneously wetting my drawers in hysterics. How will I paint "The Alphabastards" without going bananas? I guess bananas is a good place to go!

I'm in such a wildly good mood. Smile plastered on my face kinda mood. Silly. I guess that's a good way to describe it. I feel goofy! I'm so excited for this weekend and all the fun we've managed to sandwich in (PJ Thursday, Chill Night Friday, Powerhouse Saturday, Touchdown Sunday). It's just the right amount of out and about and kicking it homestyle. I'm also so excited for a friend of ours who is starting a new life. She's fun to be around, always up for a good time, and deserves good things to come her way. And I'm excited for Jen who was 1 centimeter dilated last week and crossing fingers for a big 3 tomorrow! I know she's mierable and would rather have the little dude out and rather than hope for a Halloween birthday. And I'm excted about "The Alphabastards", ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I need to keep focusing on the little things that make life fun. Going and doing and panning and spending and travelling and recovering and being on go-go-go-go all the time isn't all that's awesome and exciting in life. Eating dinner at home with Todd and then watching movies in a nest rocks. Planning to make a baby blanket out of old concert t-shirts for Evan (come on already, buddy!) is fun. A brand new sketch book and fresh pencils is top notch.

Having friends that say "L is for Lady Gravy" is pretty sweet, too.



Yessssss! STILL GOOD!


phoebe marie said...

A is for Ass Farmer
B is for Beef Bus
C is for Crotch Crickets
D is for Daddy Bag
E is for Eating at the Y
F is for Furburger
G is for Gentleman's Relish
H is for Hef Hiney (aka Old Man Ass)
I is for Icing the Cupcake
J is for Jam Donut
K is for Knob Gobbler
L is for Lady Gravy (there is no competing with that)
M is for Mattress Mambo
N is for Nappy Dug Out (stolen from Ice Cube)
O is for One Stick Drum Solo
P is for Pork Sword
Q is for Queef
R is for Rumpy Pumpy
S is for Skull Buggery
T is for Tranny Hookers
U is for Underpants Eel
V is for Velvet Buzzsaw
W is for Whisker Biscuit (again - no competing)
X is for X... rated? (this one's hard)
Y is for Yodel in the Canyon
Z is for Zulu Bruiser

phoebe marie said...

i have to clarify that only SOME of these i am completely in love with and would be sad not to see get made... specifically:

Gentleman's Relish
Icing the Cupcake
Nappy Dug Out
Pork Sword
Rumpy Pumpy
Tranny Hooker (or even just TRANNY... only because your original inspiration looks liek one)
Velvet Buzzsaw
Zulu Bruiser (though I can see NOT using it due to possible racial inappropriateness...)

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

Dude...Crotch Crickets was the best one!!! And Icing The know! And Pork Sword...because I am a 13 year old boy.