Thursday, February 01, 2007

They've finally taken shape for us.

I pretty much thought the last time Bill and I drank together would be the last time. As of late, when we drink, we rumble. Claws come out. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. For being a couple that loves the malted hops and barely, we're not very good drinkers. Well, we decided to give cocktailing another go because I was mopey and he off we went. And it was a grrrrreat evening! Tony the Tiger approved!

After several beers at a local Garfield dive, we decided to go stuff our faces at Ruby Tuesday's. Little did we know that it was opening night! And little did we know that we were buzzed like little bees! What a bunch of goof-offs we were. The beer kept coming and the food was delish! They even have my fav tomato-mozzarella salad on the menu with the itty bitty tiny cheese! I made Bill eat one (he's not a cheese fanatic) to prove he loved me. He did. I'm a jerk-off.

Regardless, we had a great night, enjoyed each others company, and acted like total carefree goobers. I hope that whole feeling carries over to our vacation. I envision us walking down the strip with our giant skull glasses from Treasure Island, taking ridiculous pictures and holding hands like we're a couple of high school kids. Nothing feels better than a good evening after a sucky one. It's fun to make up. And after dragging our silly asses home we watched Ilan win Top Chef! LIFE IS GOOD!

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