Monday, February 05, 2007

Yesterday was NOT a day to leave my hive but I DID in order to get new glasses and, dun dun dun...CONTACTS! I look crrrraaaaazy! Like a psycho version of my former self. I sleep with my glasses on so to NOT have them on and see myself CLEARLY without them on, well, it's a lot to handle. I feel like I'm missing a limb. But it's freeing. Not that missing a limb would be fact, it would be cause for my suicide. I won't be blinded during any Pussyfoot shows. Once I shook my head and glasses went whizzing off my mug and right under the drums! But I couldn't SEE THEM. Dennis came to my rescue. What a man. Ramble mode off: I'll try and get some pictures of my new specs and specless face up here as fast as I can. Maybe I'll even put up a snapshot of my new Vegas vacation aviators! Weeeeeee! The many eye-coverings of ME!

The Colts won the Super Bowl while I won Ms. Pac-Man. We rule

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