Sunday, February 11, 2007

So we all went out. All of us. Even my boyfrined, Suck-O. I felt very awkard with him but very kick-ass with everyone else. I should have just let the fight go on. I shouldn't have called and demanded an apology because it's easy to apologize over the phone. And I'm not a dummy. He never means it. He just wants to put a band-aid on things so he doesn't have to hear a nag. Whatever. I had fun with everyone else...the people that made effort. I drank a daquiri out of a Buddah, ate great Japanese food (go to Benihana's remodled and BEAUTIFUL...even had some yummy Sushi that tasted like cereal for their sushi bar), bar bowled, accosted a DJ and realized that my friends are cool and I'm lucky to have them. If I didn't have Suck-O, I'd still be more than OK. They've proved this int he past.

But I have to head back over there for what I predict is a long night of ignoring each other.

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