Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Valentine's Day. I should be full of love but I'm full of disdain. It took me 2 hours to get to work today and this travel happened AFTER I got stuck in the street in front of my house and found that someone stole my shovel! Some serial killer looking dude helped dig me out but I was red-faced and teary and aggravated and I kicked my car and made angry phone calls.

Those phone messages were later broadcast at my work so everyone could see how close to the edge I was...over a shovel. But you would have been riled up, too. I could have wrestled a robotic wolf and won. I would have been blood-covered and terrifying. I've always hated Valentine's Day and this one just iced the cake.

I still have to cook tonight, too. You can't even imagine how much I want to bail on that. But I guess you suck it up to prove your love to someone. Fuck love. And fuck dinner. I pretty much just want to crawl in a hole and hybernate. It's warm in Las Vegas. Or it will be when I get there. I love Ohio with all of my heart and soul but come this a joke?

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