Thursday, April 02, 2009

Their social misguidance was twisted sickly.

170 days to the wedding. Word.

I'm not trying to be tuff stuff here, but I am the last person people should fuck with. That's just an honest statement. I've known myself for 30 years so I know what I'm like when I have a thorn in my paw. I hold a mean grudge and I can get nasty. I don't just talk the talk. That's one of my biggest pet peeves...people who talk big and then can't follow through. I follow through, believe me. So I besiege people to just stay out of my way. My path is not a good place to be once I get fired-up.

Now that I'm done feeding my rage...

Yesterday sucked, which I was not at all expecting. I woke up slap-happy and ready to rally but that was quickly dashed. I hate people. I really do. People are such phonies. Not the Ol' Kentucky Sharks, of course. But even some people you hold in such high regard can suck sometimes. I, personally, am all awesome all of the time. No more second guessing myself...not that that happens frequently. I'm at a place in my life where I just don't need excess bullshit kiddie stuff. I hate liars. I hate bullshitters. And I hate people who try to decide what would be best for me. That's my job. I'm my own boss.

I am sour today. And my eyelids are swollen. And I sliced my lip open which is annoying but I kind of look like Scar from The Lion King. I'm basically counting down the hours until my work day is done and it's the weekend. Honestly, I'm counting down the hours until I stop stewing. And not just about one thing...about many things. I had such high hopes for this week and this weekend and then I got an open-palmed slap to the face. Well...I slap back. That's a promise AND a threat. I'm starting to really be amused by how surly I sound. Life just handed me some lemons and I'm about to make lemon-flavored Vodka out of them.

Other than that...everything is aces over here! April is showcasing a few fun events that can prep me for the big May Rock-n-Roll-A-Rama! So much going on in May, my liver and wallet may commit suicide. I can't wait for May. I can't wait to "cruise around" and rock out and be ME and be happy. There's no reason I can't be happy in April, and I will be. But I used to go to shows weekly and multiple shows on weekends. Even to see bands I've never heard of or bands I despised. That was the most fun time of my life. Going out of town to see bands. Buying t-shirts. Being obnoxious and shaking my fist. I'm gonna shake the fuck out of my fist in May.

May is going to be my reward for sticking it out.

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