Thursday, April 23, 2009

I want to be wrooooooooong.

Yep. 2 for the price of 1. I'm bored.

If you need a good song to listen to...I don't know why I keep dispensing musical advice but it's the fist thing I want to do when I see the blank page...listen to "Combat Baby" by The Metric. I think some of the words ("caffeine free, faux-punk fatigues") are really, super lame. But then SOME of them ("I want to be one here wants to fight me like you do") are just flat out awesome. I like anything that's flat out awesome. I rewind the song so I can listen to that part more than once.

I also do that with "I Don't Like You" by The Muffs. It's hard to get people to like this one because it's fast and screamy and you can't understand what Kim says. But it's an amazing song and if I were in a garage band, I would cover it. It has my FAVORITE part of any song on the planet. Now THIS...THIS I replay over and over and over. The way she sings it...the way it comes out of her mouth...and if you know me, you know I'm not a huge fan of chick's amazing. Last verse. Listen to it. NOW!

"Mr. 3-Martini-Lunch, about to make a deal. He's got his briefcase, suitcase all packed for Rome. He's gotta wife in limbo, kids in Chicago, and no time left for home".

Love it. Fucking love it.

I was kind of in a riled up and surly mood when I started writing this but thinking about those 2 songs has made me happier. Or maybe it just distracted me. I really hate Facebook, but I've been using their "Pick Your 5 blah blah blah" things as distractions. It really makes you think. Who ARE the 5 people I would most like to punch in the face? What ARE my top 5 favorite movies? And my top 5 beers of choice?? Ok...I guess I really didn't have to think about that one. Regardless...they keep my brain hummin' and not actually processing anything remotely annoying or mood-killing. End rant transmission., Krista, and a test of my tolerance. How long CAN I sit and have my skin drilled. It's been a long time. Not that my tolerance goes down or anything. I'm just really excited. I'm so pale that every color really pops on this skin. Speaking of this chest is bruised from my 4th removal session. Let me offer up this tid-bit since I'm going to a fancy-pants dermetologist in Beachwood and paying to be tortured. If your removal causes a blister, it's bad news. Just keep that in mind. I didn't know that did bit when I went years ago to start the process and now I have major scarring and pigment lost. You think my skin can't get whiter? IT CAN! Who knew??

And just because I'm getting rid of the Nephilim doesn't mean I don't like AFI. "Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)" is still one of my go to songs to get pumped up. I'm getting rid of it because...well...just because you're a tattoo artist doesn't mean you're any good.

Remember when we were all going to get hot dog tattoos??

I miss you, Lisa.

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K-Zaun said...

Fourth time, yikes, I'm too chicken for a third. My first removal I blistered pretty bad but the second time I strapped the ice pack to my arm and left it there until it was warm. I ended up wearing it for about four hours but I didn't blister that way. I guess since it's on your chest it's not thaaaat easy but you could use medical tape.