Monday, April 20, 2009

I remain in shadows growing wings.

With the exception of purchasing wedding bling (!!!) this weekend, it was a rather uneventful few days. Low key. Nothing fancy. Ran some errands. Ate some food. Did laundry. Regular, typical, boring life stuff. And now it's Monday and I'm in a regular, typical, boring Monday mood. I feel like Garfield. All sarcastic and sleepy.

I think I've been grinding my teeth at night due to stress. My jaw is stiff and my mouth is sore (no need for perverted jokes, people). It's giving me a rather rocking headache. Todd apologized and said it's his fault for not "easing" me at home. But it's not him at all. By now, I know how to deal with him and him quirks. I've never had super great stress management skills so I'm not at all surprised that my wreck of a body is starting to pay the price. I need to do yoga. Or punch someone. One of those should do it.

I can officially say the wedding is less that 4 months away.

I went to Sugar and Pete's house to film a few more skits/segments for the Jesus County Fair video that Dennis has been working on for...months. Up until then, I was only in one skit at a pregnant, trailer park bride. I was psyched to get the chance to participate again. This time I was Miss Tickles, the drunken co-host of "Great Moments In Hillbilly History", and a murdered, hick tourist. Now that I think of it...I was a white trash, unwed, teenage mother in the first video Dennis put out! I guess on my resume I can describe myself as a "hillbilly, white trash, trailer park character actress". Why not?

Anyway, we didn't finish the filming so I get to go pack for more...more cheap champage, bright blue eyeshadow, crazy costumes, bizarre dialouge, belching on command and his underwear on top of a grand piano. When I re-read this in 30 memories I'll have! I can't wait until "Jesus County Fair" is out on DVD...or cable access...or wherever it's going. Maybe I'll have a screening party or something. Everyone involved...hilarious people. Drop dead hilarious.

Anything else? Probably not. I can't stress enough how ready I am for honeymoonin'. Umbrella drinks, bikinis, chowin' down, chilling out, swimming with sharks...everything. Todd and I decided yesterday that maybe we'll chill out in Ft. Lauderdale for a day or 2 once we get off the boat instead of just high-tailin' it home. Tessa had good things to say about her time in the Everglades...that really appealed to Todd. If I get to swim with sharks in Jamaica, he should get to see crocs in the Everglades. I better start doing some research!

I just got a message from the beautiful Jen May saying that we will have invitations to look at early this week. ROCK! That elevated my stupid Monday moon ever-so-slightly. I'll take whatever upward motion I can get!

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