Monday, April 27, 2009

We met in the springtime at a rock-n-roll show.

I am in one of the classic, smile-enducing, be-boppin' good moods. After an A+, gold star kind of weekend, I woke up on the right side of the bed feeling refreshed and with zero jaw pain! Plus the tongue I've been apparently gnawing on in my sleep is finally starting to repair. No more mashed 'taters for this gal! I want to CHEW! And you can chew on this...

The Weekend Run Down (subtitle: Why I'm In Such a Fucking Good Mood For Change...and It's About Damn Time, Y'All), as written by Yours Truly.

Thursday I was semi-moody for reasons that don't even matter. So after work, I went and had a drink with the one and only Miss Firecracker at Lava. I'm still on the fence about that place but I am NOT on the fence about Carol. We shot the breeze for a bit and then I high-tailed it to see The Mays. Checked out metallic inks for the weddin' invites AND her idea for the reception cards. Rad. Plain-n-Simple. I might love the reception cards more than I love the invites. And I love those A LOT. Anyway...I drove home stoked. Watched some tube. Crashed out.

Got up early because I was too excited about the sounds and smells of getting tattoooooed. I finally got my ditch done. Saying "ditch" just sounds filthy dirty. And it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I'd been putting it off for quite awhile because...well...I guess I got soft for a minute. Now it's done and I am in lurve with it. Filled in a few other forearm slots and crowning gem...had Krista put an Easter bow on my now PINK Danzig skull. So silly. So girlie. And things went so well that Todd made a Saturday appointment with her. New tattoos for EVERYONE! Hooray! Went to Applebee's with the Graveyard Groom, watched the Cavs game and hit the deck. Not too shabby.

Woke up bright and early to meet the caterer at the reception spot...and hit some snags. Joint wasn't open, caterer showed late and we were already making tracks. Went BACK to see Krista so Todd could get tattooed. It's contagious. It was a looooooong day for me, though, just sittin' there and watching. Until I discovered that Maxim is NOT a terrible magazine. Then time flew! But I was a sleepy camper. So was Todd. We stopped in the grocery store, made some dinner, and went to Quiet Bob's to see Miss Firecracker One-Woman Band. After many beers and a Mango Tango, 2 giggling and goofy fools went home...and...well...and then passed out!

Usually I'm not a fan of Sundays but this one was aces in my book. We lounged around, went back to the grocery store, watched the Cavs game, ate the best cheese fries I've EVER made, drank beer, and just spent time together...talked about the wedding and honeymoon and upcoming things we want to do and America's Next Top Modle and...whatever. I think that's the theme of the whole weekend. It was rad because we just spent time together doing whatever we wanted and whatever needed to get done. We didn't bicker or have attitudes and we didn't get bored. We just enjoyed the weekend for what it was and went with the flow. And it was one of the best weekends we've had in awhile. Todd admitted it felt a little off since it was the first weekend where we didn't have Aiden. But we'll get used to alternating. I like kickin' it with the kid but I really enjoed actually having a weekend to just do whatever. I think the new set-up will be good for everyone.

So now here I am, in this great mood, with this great weather. Sure, it would be nicer to be at the zoo or something...maybe cruising on my bike...instead of being stuck inside but someone's gotta make the money, right? The bills aren't going to pay themselves. I hope my good mood can be contagious...I know a few people out there who need their spirits lifted. They need their hopes high-fived. I also hope my good mood can get me painting. So many good ideas and SO MUCH WORK TO DO before August 7th...but I just can't get myself to sit at my station and get to it. Maybe today...seems like a good day to just put the hammer down and get serious.

Enjoy your day, y'all!

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