Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get to the top and I'm too tired to rock.

That's a lie. I'm never too tired to ROCK! Come on.

Although at this minute, I am exhausted. I didn't get such a good night's sleep with all this teeh grinding/jaw tension business. I'm so full of potential remedies right now that my liver will no doubt escape and slap me in the face with itself. I guess any of my organs could get the point across. Liver is just my go to. Point...my mouth and jaw still hurt...and I still don't want to hear any crude jokes about it. If I did, I could get them at home from that pervert I live with.

News (but not Huey Lewis and the...)

1. I'm getting tattooed on Friday. It's been almost a year since I got the heart in a coffin. I can't wait. Basically I was told that for one amazing price, I could get tattooed for as long as I can sit. With an ass like this...she's gonna wanna take that back! Pictures to follow.

2. The Pussyfoot Girls are on the hunt for a permanent emcee and some new ladies. We'll most likely be looking for 2 new gals. I just need to get around to reposting the application. And then I need to get potential emcees lured in. AND I need to start promoting both The Monsters of Burlesque show (Tootsie Pop and I will be hosting and doing some audience participation jazz in between this New York burlesque troupes acts) and the Motor Psychos car show that we will be performing at. Not to mention we need new routines, to practice, to plan costumes...yikes.

3. Tomorrow is 150 days until the wedding. I'm sure I'm the only person who cares about this. Oh...I bet Todd does, too. And Phoebe.

4. We're talking about getting another dog. A puppy. We think Shelby needs a buddy...mostly so she'll leave us alone for more than 10 seconds at a time. She'll be 1 next month. I need to get her a doggie cake. As I've said before, I am ALL about birthdays. Why shouldn't my daughter dog have a birthday? It's on the same day as the Spanky Cup Euchre Tournament...which reminds me...I need to learn how to play! I have too much going on.

5. It's going to be a beautiful weekend! I am going to open ALL of the windows and enjoy it. I have my tattoo appointment and a dinner date Friday. Saturday we're going to the reception spot to do some planning during the day and hitting Quiet Bob's at night to see Miss Firecracker One Woman Band. Sunday...paint, paint, paint! I have 12 half finished paintings and buy this weekend, they are going to be FINISHED! PERIOD! I've got new ideas I need to get out of my brain and on to the canvas.


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