Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You're so sweet. You're so pretty.

I listened to "You're So Lewd" on the way to work today. I forgot how much I love that song. And The Reatards in general. That song totally reminds me of mine and Johnny's days running amuck at The Mantis, even though they never played there. It makes me want to FSSU! So does " I Know You're Ready" by Le Shok. And speaking of Jay Reatard...

Todd told me the other day that he's been all over the interwebs trying to find my favorite Lost Sounds shirt. You know, the jersey with the rat on it that you've all seen me wear one million times? All my happiest days have been in that shirt. It's like when I wear it, I'm unstoppable. Nothing bad ever happens in that shirt. I'd like to be buried in it. Todd's been looking for a back-up for the day the shirt bites the dust. It already has a small hole in the armpit and a faint stain on the front. I'll be devastated when it becomes unwearable (it probably did when the stain set in) so I thought it was pretty awesome that he was trying to save me from that (trivial) pain.

Let me state once again (I sent an e-mail, who knows if you'll read it) you...that the previous post was NOT about you. And on that ALL of you...let me rant for one more second about my disgust for certain people who shall remain nameless (but are not YOU, you know who). I want to vomit in my lap! When you think idiots can't get more idiotic, THEY DO! To an outstanding degree! And they take really good people (not me...not that I'm not awesome) down with them. For that alone...shame. It's just so frustrating. Bad things happen to good people and bad people get away with EVERYTHING. I know. I used to be a bad person. I can't stress about it anymore. It's not my battle to fight. But when it hurts people I care about...whatever. Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon and I can toast success with a Presidente.

Speaking of...

How hard is it to find Presidente anywhere near Ohio??? REALLY TERRIBLY DIFFICULT. I am not driving to NYC to get any, that's for sure. Why hasn't this country embraced such a delicious treat? If you haven't had the priviledge of slugging a 33 degree don't know what you're missing. But I know what I am missing...because it can't be found anywhere!! Grrrrrrr. The hunt continues.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, y'all. Back Monday.

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