Thursday, April 16, 2009

I guess now I see how it's gonna be.

I should be in a totally spectacular and awesome, unstoppably rockin' mood for the following reasons:

1. I had Japanese for dinner. Yum.
2. I have Japanese leftovers (& chopsticks) for lunch.
3. A cute boy was snuggled on me this morning.
4. The bills are paid.
5. The honeymoon is booked.
6. Wedding plans are trucking along.
7. Someone is in love with me.
8. I'm losing weight.
9. My skin really looks and feels great.
10. I have Presidente in my fridge.
11. My weekend starts at 5:30pm today.
12. Allison was not kicked off America's Next Top Model.
13. There is a night race on Saturday.
14. My friends are awesome.
15. Pussyfoot Girls starts shows again next month.
16. I should make progress on paintings this weekend.
17. The race is 8 weeks away.
18. We're (maybe) getting a puppy.
19. Todd got me a subscription to US magazine.
20. We're getting wedding bands tomorrow.
21. A year-long weirdness has recently been resolved.


Those are all the reasons I SHOULD be super psyched and pumped. But I must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed because I am the crabbiest of crabs today. Grrrrr. I went to bed too full. My tummy was too jam-packed with Japanese goodness. So maybe that was part of why I didn't sleep well. And because I was so full...I didn't snuggle. So that didn't help my 'tude today. I'm a snuggle-bug. And someone out there who thinks they can just be a raging, psychotic, bleach blonde BIOTCH (aliteration RULES) attempting (and failing) to wreck lives and be a thug one second and then try to get buddy-buddy and act like she hasn't been a NUTBAG recently...that really ran on...annoyed me right before bedtime. PINCH! PINCH! go my crabby claws.

I'll get over it. There's no reason for me to be in a bad moon. No good reason anyway. I have 21 reasons why I should be slap happy and jumping up-n-down. I better get to it. I really don't want to waste any more time being easily annoyed and riled up today. A nap would probably do the trick. Or some caffeine. Or some Todd time. Or Phoebe time.

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