Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soon that silly kitty is a-scratchin' at my door.

These blogs right here have been copied directly from the My Space page of The (Unsinkable) Pussyfoot Girls. We just celebrated our 4 Year Anniversary this month. After a several months long hiatus, we're gearing up to get back in action this May. New shows, new girls, new emcee. Lots of NEWS, if you will. So take a gander below and fill up on Update From The Scratching Post. You never know, something could catch yer eye!


Patti Cake and Tootsie Pop of Cleveland's own PUSSYFOOT GIRLS with be hosting The Monsters of Burlesque show when their Ohio tour rolls in to Cleveland!

Marking their first appearance after a short paw-rest, The Pussyfoot Girls will be introducing the fine folks of Monsters of Burlesque and leading audience participation games and antics in between their sets.

So come on out and have yourself a ball with your Unsinkable Pussyfoot Girls...Patti Cake & Toosie Pop (don't worry...beautiful Bobbi Socks will be back for the Motor Psychos Car Show at the end of May)...and The Monsters of Burlesque!!!!


All-star burlesque direct from New York City!Clams Casino and Neil O'Fortune present: Monsters of Burlesque Tour 2009! We're bringing some of New York's biggest, most award-winning burlesque stars to fabulous venues throughout the Buckeye state! Hilarious, raucous and sexy, a New York-style burlesque show is like nothing you've seen before, combining classic bump 'n' grind with rock power, pop culture comedy and a whole lot of glitter and glam--a night out that you do NOT want to miss! At every stop on this titanic tour, the stars of the show will be sharing the stage with local DJs and bands, making up-close-and-personal appearances, and blowing the roof off of some of Ohio's favorite stages! Clams and Neil are bringing along Creamy Stevens, Jonny Porkpie and Nasty Canasta: combined, these burlesque stars will blow your mind! Don't miss out when they come to your town for ONE night only!

Monsters of Burlesque 2009 Ohio Tour Dates:

Wednesday, April 29th: Dayton! Gilly's, 132 S. Jefferson Street, show at 8:00, just 10 bucks!

Thursday, April 30th: Columbus! Circus, 1227 North High Street, show at 10:00, just 8 bucks! With a special appearance by the Royal Renegades!

Friday, May 1st: Oberlin College! The 'Sco, basement of Wilder Student Union, 135 West Lorain Street, show at 10:30, just 8 bucks!

Saturday, May 2nd: Cleveland! Sachsenheim Hall, 7001 Denison Avenue, show at 9:00, just 8 bucks! With a special appearance by the Pussyfoot Girls!


Hey kittens!

It's that time again! The 3 Unsinkable Pussyfoot Girls are on the hunt for some hip-shakin', joke makin', ball bustin' ladies to fill out our outfit in all the right spots! Over the past 2 years, we've said good-bye to Ginger Ale (now a MOM), Suzie Six-Pack (soon to be a MOM), and Queen La Tata (the MOTHER of all one-woman bands)! It's time to bring some new blood to The Pussyfoot Girls. And that new blood might be YOURS! Don't be scared.

A little information for any interested chicks out there: The PFG formed in early 2005 and are a group of go-go dancing gals who put on a PG-13 show (no nudity here but the dance wear is bare). We're a little sexy, a little saucy, a little comical, a little goofy. This isn't your high school talent show but we're by no means professional dancers. We're out there to entertain and get some laughs!!! So any interested parties must be comfy with being scantilly clad and pretty silly!

We practice on the west side of Cleveland every week (we usually take off the week after a big show to rest our paws). There is a possibility for carpooling if you're coming from the south. We're try to schedule at least 1 show a month (our summer is JAM-PACKED so this could mean more) and they are usually on Fridays and Saturdays. Interested girls should be able to arrange their schedules for shows...and we've had some good ones!

Most importantly...we're not looking for girls to just learn what we teach them. We're looking for girls who add something to the group! Make a good thing better, if you will. We all take part is picking songs, choreographing dances, booking and promoting shows, buying and selling merch, handling money and so on. So you think this might be the group for you??? Fun and flirty and so much more???

You can get more information about us, our past shows, past venues, and more on our My Space page! May need a little updating...we've been on a short break!Anyone that is interested in becoming a Pussyfoot Girl must copy the following questionaire into a message (My Space of, fill it out, and send it to us!

We're not being snobs or thinking highly of ourselves. We're just a very tight knit group and are looking for girls we have things in common with who fill fit right in! Just like Bobbi Socks!!! She became a Pussyfoot Girl after our last search! After we review your answers, we will contact you to come to a practice. We will teach you one of our typical routines and see if you feel comfortable with our style and we'll take it from there! The questions may seem silly but they'll help us get a good look into your personality. Just have fun with it!

1. How old are you?

2. Did you dress up for Halloween? If so, what/who were you?

3. Will you be available for practices, shows, travel?

4. Are you comfortable with drinking as most of our shows are at bars, clubs and parties and all of us enjoy a good beverage?

5. Do you have any special talents (rope twirling, juggling, knife throwing, ballet, whatever!)?

6. What type of music do you listen to most and what are a few of your favorite songs?

7. Are you comfortable being scantilly clad (but not totally NUDE)?

8. Have you ever performed in public (in a band, drama club, performance art, etc.)?

9. Have you ever seen us before (and if so, how much do we rule? Ha ha ha...)?

10. Boobies. Please respond.


Since the departure of our mouthpiece, Queen La Tata, The Pussyfoot Girls have lost their voice! And it's about time to start talkin'!!! We've got shows to do. And we need a little somethin' extra! Which leads us to...

The Pussyfoot Girls SEARCH FOR AN EMCEE!

We're looking to add an extra someone to The Pussyfoot Girls to act as our official emcee! Someone with personality to get the crowd riled-up and ready! Someone to introduce us gals at the beginning of each show...or each set if there is more than one. Someone to prep that audience from who is up next or who else is performing at the show or whatever antics may follow! Someone to lead audience participation games-n- contests and to give away prizes or run raffles! Someone with a Pussyfoot personality who isn't afraid to interact, chat, and keep the entertainment flowin'!!!!

Are you this person???

We're looking for a guy or gal of any age to become our Pussyfoot emcee. This person will need to be at all of our shows as you basically ARE a Pussyfoot Girl (or a Cock-a-Doodle Dude, if you catch my drift) but not necessarily at our practices. And while we encourage all the goofy, silly, snarky, smutty behavior we can get on STAGE...we need someone who will be "professional". We don't need an emcee who will get too drunk to do their job or forget our names or fall flat on their faces. Though we've all been there...ha ha!

So if you're interested in being the voice of the PFG...please contact us and let us know why you think you're right for the job. And I use the term "job" loosely! You'll get in free to all of our shows and get any perks we get. If we get paid, YOU get paid. But if we don' were part of a fun show and had a great time. Which should be reward least we think so!

So create a persona/ someone else for a night! Be part of the PFG!

Looking forward to hearing from ya!


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