Monday, April 13, 2009

I know I won't be leaving here with you.

I'm so utterly miffed about something I heard yesterday but I can't talk about it since I haven't decided if I will confront said big mouth (it's not you, you know who...we're cool). Sure, I'm a sensitive son-of-a-gun at times...but this just royally sucks. I really would love to spill the whole story and get some feed back but I just can't yet. I'll just say that...people still have the ability to shock the Hell out of me in a really horrific way. Recently, some people have shocked me in a NOT-so-horrific way...which is pretty cool...and rare.

I just can't believe some people can be so cruel and so selfish. I'm sure I'm guilty of being both of those things at times. But in THIS's just unacceptable. ESPECIALLY when it deals with family. It ruined my holiday, not that I'm big on Easter or anything. But that's not the point. It shouldn't have gone down the way it did. Actually...I guess nothing has even gone down yet. But it will. And I think the results won't be pretty. Man...I'm irritated. And I didn't sleep very well. And I really need to have Todd's back today so I shouldn't be worrying about this nonsense.

People are dummies.

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Lisa Donnalley said...

people are dummies...