Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tell me I'm special even when I know I'm not.

People make me laugh. A lot. And they make me feel sad for the future of humanity. I'm not going to get into it because it will probably make me, and maybe you, throw up in my lap. Phoebe said, "Wow...that is fucking disgusting". I couldn't agree more. But I'm staying out of it. I'd rather just worry about me and my family and not what idiots certain people are and how they MUST turn their brains off when they do certain things and CLEARLY have no regard for the personal safety and well-being of youth. I guess not everyone can be awesome.

Phoebe still loves my stupid ass. She's more awesome than you.

Last night was great. I went to bed feeling great, I slept great, I woke up feeling great, my skin looks great, my hair looks great, and from what I hear, my ass and legs look great in my new jeans! Feeling great is far superior to feeling gross. Common sense. I started a new "beauty regimen"...sounds so posh...in order to prep for the wedding and I SWEAR that after 2 days, my skin and hair and nails look improved. Even if it's just mind over matter...I feel great. GREAT is the word of the day (even if it's a boring one)! Sure I spent a little more money on lotions and potions than I normally would, but if I wake up feeling this mind-blowingly good...it must be worth it, right? And I lost 6 pounds! I can see and feel the difference. I'm carrying myself differently today. I can take on the mothertrucking world.

A lot of it has to do with Todd.

We're in such a good place right now after temporarily being in a nasty, rotten place. It was brief but it was ick. After several "constructive criticism" talks and e-mails from Phoebe, I had to accept that we had some communication issues. And now...we're aces! We have a solid foundation now...super solid...and I feel so confident. Knowing that I'm part of something I really believe in with someone who really believe in me...boss. We just had to learn when to shut our mouths and when to open them. And we had to learn how to apologize and take fault and how to accept apologies and learn from mistakes. Anything I might have been worried about...I'm not anymore. We are TOTALLY high-fiving our asses off at the wedding, I'll tell you what.

The song Rocko wrote for the ceremony is called "So True". Got that right.

Enough moosh. What else is there to say? Not much. Phoebe's not making a voo-doo doll of me...check. Todd and I are totally bananas in love, as it should be. Check. The bills are almost totally under control. Check. Koffin Kats are coming this weekend and we will be there rocking out. Check. I'm losing weight and eating better. Check. I have a more positive outlook and tend to be more appreciative of my family, friends, and the good things I've got going. Check. I'm going to see Carol's adorable face tonight. Check. And not that this is something you want to hear about but the X-Rated part of my life...CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

As I always end up saying: life...is...GREAT!

Switched it up on ya. You gotta be quick with me!

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phoebe marie said...

1) that IS fucking disgusting. coming from someone who is not even a fan of youth and so on, i'd say that my reaction means even more. i'm just fucking disgusted. utterly and completely.
2) or course i still love your stupid ass.
3) i'm SO happy that my "constructive criticism" was well received and even helpful! communication is the key. if there is one thing i have learned from all my fucking up over the years - it's that. if you got no communication, you ain't got shit.
4) if i WAS making a voodoo doll of you, all i'd do to it would be to love it and squeeze it... and get it's wig done. (i had to add that, because i saw a black girl downtown today with a fuckin' WIIIIIIIIG on like you wouldn't beliEVE! girl had SO just come from gettin' that shit done. i was so excited i tried to call you at work, but i got your voicemail - and you know i don't do that.)