Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How are ya? How have you been?

If you need a morning pump-up...try "Cosmic Thing" by The B-52s. Seriously.

So the issue that was making me all bananas and WTF-ish has been resolved. I feel more at ease. I'm glad that I took time to think things through and plan what I wanted to say to who I said it to and didn't jump the gun, armed with emotions. It didn't hurt that I did all of this thinking over a Dave-n-Buster's Mango drink EVER. Todd took me there to turn my frown upside-down. So...I said what I needed to say and...problem solved. I'm a happy bride again. I'm not sure if I even mentioned that my hostility was wedding-related (but not GROOM related). Anyway...all is good.

I'm pretty sure my body is trying to show me who is boss. I am COVERED in unexplained bruises (and some explained ones...from both spanking and clumsiness) and cuts, I dropped 6 gallons of bleach on my finger and mangled it, I got a clotty (gross) bloody nose that looked a lot like Julia from Hellraiser 2, and now I have heartburn! Maybe my body is mad at me for trying to take better care of it. I'm still losing weight, I'm eating better and thinking about my eating (I'm thinking about how I'm having Japanese for dinner RIGHT NOW), I've really been rocking the skin care regimen ( I was told this morning how soft my skin feels)...yep. My body is retaliating! It wants to take me down! Stupid body.

Who has 3 cases of Presidente? THIS GUY!

Be jealous. It's good for you.

I need to go do some weddin' bloggin' now. Ciao!

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